Carolina Herrera rolls out youthful 212 Heroes fragrance (in a skateboard)

Carolina Herrera rolls out youthful 212 Heroes fragrance (in a skateboard)

Carolina Herrera pays homage to authenticity with 212 Heroes, a masculine and vegan perfume, bottled inside a skateboard.

212 Heroes is an ode to youth as a state of mind.

This tribute to authenticity resonates in every detail: the ingredients, the avant-garde flacon rendered in a skateboard silhouette, the eclectic casting of ambassadors and the captivating campaign centered in New York.

The new Caroline Herrera 212 Heroes masculine fragrance will be available in global travel retail as of 1st June.

The avant-garde flacon rendered in a skateboard silhouette.

To awaken our youngest senses, Fougères –the backbone of masculine perfumery– have been given a modern twist. The team of perfumers – formed by Domitille Michalon-Bertier, Juliette Karagueuzouglou and Carlos Benaim– has given this olfactive family a more optimistic, irreverent and luminous twist to create a new olfactive category that we could call Fruity Woody Fougère.

This new Olfactive family demonstrates the versatility of Fougères, a family with boundless possibilities. The young and eclectic character of 212 Heroes -infused with disparate accords that blend harmoniously– is an allegory of the new 212 Gang, a group of ambassadors with unique, different and multi-faceted personalities.

This masculine Eau de Toilette reveals its young and free personality at the top, where it opens with a luminous trio. The effervescent freshness of Pear Elixir and Ginger is heightened by an unlikely note:
Lemon Haze Cannabis. The top serves as a metaphor for youth as a state of mind. The heart is an ode to creativity. A unique accord (Geranium Oil Madagascar), specially tailored for Carolina Herrera, is combined with a quintessential ingredient in perfumery (Sage). The exuberant nuance of the innovative Geranium Oil Madagascar gives a new dimension to Sage’s aromatic character, which becomes brighter.

At the bottom, the perfume’s unique personality is conveyed by a carnal duo: Leather Accord and Musk.

The heroes in the formula are Pear and Geranium. Together they give a new freshness to Fougères, reinventing the classical masculine olfactory category. This unlikely couple has been specially designed for 212 Heroes. “Each variety has been carefully selected and distilled in order to carve a couture perfume”, reveals Juliette Karagueuzouglou. Geranium Oil behaves in a very different way: the natural nuance of this accord evokes the real flower instead of the synthetic note. “Traditionally, Geranium has a pungent and sharp aspect. The Geranium Oil Madagascar in 212 Heroes conjures the Rose and shows minty and sweet nuances that remind of Bourbon”, explains Carlos Benaim.

This accord has been tailored in partnership with the Botanical and Research Department of the Antananarivo University (Madagascar).


The heroes in the formula are Pear and Geranium.

“The elegance of the Geranium Oil contrasts with the joyful freshness of the Pear Elixir. The latter adds a colorful touch to the mix”, describes Domitille Michalon-Bertier. This emblematic duo is responsible for the provoking energy in the final formula. Its fresh fruitiness is unforgettable. This feeling is reminiscent of alegría de vivir (joie de vivre), one of the most representative Carolina Herrera’s values. It is also a tribute to those who float through life with a carefree and passionate attitude.
The scent incorporates organic and vegan ingredients certified by Eve (Expertise Vegan Europe), one of the most rigorous and transparent organisms in the industry.

It is not the first time Carolina Herrera breaks the mold with a flacon. The iconic 212, launched in 1996, was composed of two bottles; so that you could carry one while leaving the other one at home. Other state-of-the-art releases that have seduced millions of consumers around the world include the Good Girl stiletto and the Bad Boy lightning flacons.
“Manufacturing a skateboard-shaped perfume was a challenge. Integrating the internal pressure system in such a precise silhouette is a delicate maneuver. It was also very demanding to achieve stability. ‘We spent three years developing the bottle. Hundreds of tests were needed”, details Carolina A. Herrera, creative director of Beauty. The result is a silver skateboard, available in two sizes (90ml) and (50 ml), the striking design could be used to decorate the house.

The meaning of the silhouette goes beyond its shape: it is the ultimate symbol of rebellious youth.

“Skaters transform obstacles into challenges. Their imagination paints a sea on the pavement. They reinvent the city and its surroundings. The new 212 Heroes campaign celebrates that festive spirit and turns New York into a gigantic playground”, describes Carolina A. Herrera.

The values of this artistic manifestation –a universe celebrated in cinema, music and comic– are necessary today. Friendship, curiosity, renovation and emotion are some of the attributes of this international movement which will make its debut as a sport at the Olympic Games of Tokyo 2021. It has also been the topic of ‘Learning to Skateboard in a Warzone (If You Are A Girl)´, which was awarded the Oscar for best documentary in 2020.

The obsession for skateboarding, especially for the longboard, is growing. On the contrary, it is gaining momentum. A long list of artists pay homage to this emblem in their videoclips, such as Justin Bieber, Ratking, Angel Olsen, Yall – their video ‘Together’ features Ko Hyo Joo, ambassador of 212 Heroes –. The renewed interest in skateboarding has recently produced pieces such as ‘Slam’, a musical adaptation of the Nick Horny novel with Tony Hawk as the main character and a soundtrack composed by the leader of Devo. Fashion brands launch collections inspired in this culture and rappers such as A$AP Rocky design sneakers based in skate shoes from 20 years ago. The ongoing fascination for this symbol of pop culture keeps spreading as the years go by.

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