Carolina Herrera’s ‘Good Girl’ best-seller gets a ‘Bad Boy’ – and he’s coming to duty-free first

Carolina Herrera’s ‘Good Girl’ best-seller gets a ‘Bad Boy’ – and he’s coming to duty-free first

Carolina Herrera’s House of Fragrances aims to replicate the success of Good Girl with the launch of Bad Boy, a new men’s fragrance.

Good Girl, meet Bad Boy.

With its women’s portfolio going strong, Herrera’s House of Fragrances is shifting its focus to the men’s market, where it hopes to replicate the success of Good Girl. And what better way to start than with a Good Girl counterpart: the aptly titled Bad Boy Eau de Toilette.

“The brand Carolina Herrera is in a grand momentum,” said José Manuel Albesa, president of brands, markets and operations at Puig. “We see all the pieces of the brand growing fast, whether it’s the New York CH stores and fragrances. Good Girl was a phenomenal success. We thought it was time to develop the master brand three years later.”

With Bad Boy, Carolina Herrera aims to “target a new type of man with a new masculinity,” said Ana Trias, senior vice president of prestige and premium brands at Puig. That target man, she continued, is “not afraid to take risks, is basing his masculinity on duality and bringing this strong and sensitive side to the fragrance world.”

Bad Boy is the ninth men’s fragrance in the Herrera House of Fragrances portfolio, which also includes 10 women’s fragrances and a genderless line called Herrera Confidential. Bad Boy includes notes of sage, green bergamot, pepper, tonka beans, cocoa and amber wood. It will retail for 97 euros and comes packaged in a lightning bolt- shaped bottle — the sculptural alternative to Good Girl’s high- heel, shoe- shaped one.

WWD reports – Starting this year, Bad Boy will roll out to 7,000 doors across Europe, Latin America, the Middle East and travel retail. It will be made available worldwide in 2020, mirroring the distribution strategy of Good Girl.

“These are the historic areas where we have been very strong,” said Trias. “The travel retail associated to these areas is also very important for us. In some areas, it’s key for us.”


The brand chose British actor Ed Skrein to be the face of the fragrance, as he embodies what Trias referred to as “modern masculinity.”

“[Skrein] expressed this idea of men’s contradictions and embracing different facets of his life,” said Trias. “We thought he was also a good alter ego for Karlie [Kloss, the face of Good Girl]. His career and his life, the way he explains it, makes sense with this masculinity we’re looking for: strong, but emotional at the same time, sensitive.”

Bad Boy, said Albesa, will play a key role in not only evening out the fragrance house’s portfolio, but helping the larger Carolina Herrera brand reach its goal of becoming a billion-euro brand in the next few years.

“We are working on a new plan, which is called House of Herrera, to reach one billion euros worldwide at the end of 2023,” said Albesa. “Bad Boy will help us with the objective of the brand to become a one billion brand in the next three years. We will be doing initiatives that will accompany this brand trajectory.”



A new symbol of contemporary masculinity, the empowering BAD BOY Eau de Toilette reflects the unique and complex personality of a BAD BOY. Surprising, elegant, powerful and sexy, spicy Black & White Pepper opens the scent, contrasted with the citric vibrancy of Italian Green Bergamot. The duality continues in the heart, where Cedarwood and Sage trade magnetism and elegance. As the BAD BOY’s self-esteem rises from within, so the secret lies in the base of the scent; a sensual blend of Tonka Beans and Absolut of cocoa. The result is an artisanal masculine scent with a striking gourmand edge.



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