CERRUTI 1881 opens at Saudi Arabia’s Dammam Airport

CERRUTI 1881 opens at Saudi Arabia’s Dammam Airport

Cerruti 1881 has opened a 25 m2 shop-in-shop in Dammam at King Fahd International Airport

Located in the Domestic flights Terminal 1 (serving 5 million domestic passengers/year) the new shop-in-shop will feature men’s and women’s leather goods, watches, fashion jewellery and eyewear.

The airport serves most of Eastern Region of Saudi Arabia and in particular the fast-growing urban complex made up of Dammam, Dhahran, Khobar, Qatif, Ras Tanura and Al-Thuqbah. The airport is the third major hub for Saudi Arabian Airlines.

Cerutti 1881 is planning three additional openings before the end of 2016 (including Jeddah and Riyadh).

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