Four colour harmonies, which were inspired by the bold combinations of precious stones and pâtes de verre that Gabrielle Chanel used in her jewelry pieces, become four dazzling, contrasting, opulent sets of jewels for the eyes.

The CHANEL Makeup Creation Studio has incorporated the Byzantine influences that inspired Gabrielle Chanel’s jewellery pieces in a limited-edition release: LES 4 OMBRES BYZANCE. The four colour harmonies, inspired by the colour and sparkle of the precious stones in Mademoiselle’s jewellery, become dazzling, contrasting, opulent jewels for the eyes. Emerald green, ruby red… Each shade, as precious as a gemstone, gives eyes a mesmerising look.

The LES 4 OMBRES BYZANCE eyeshadow palette is a gem in itself: its exclusive case is elevated by a gold-coloured interior with a hammered finish, which is reminiscent of Gabrielle Chanel’s cuff bracelets.

PARURE BAROQUE: a colour harmony featuring shades of Ruby Red, Antique Gold and Emerald, as well as a Pearl White top coat.
PARURE IMPÉRIALE: an opulent colour harmony featuring shades of Yellow Sapphire, Red Quartz and Garnet, as well as a Rose Gold top coat.
PARURE VÉNITIENNE: a colour harmony featuring shades of Carnelian, Beige Gold and Brown Amber, as well as a Green Moonstone top coat – a shade of white with a glistening sea green shimmer.
PARURE CRISTAL: a colour harmony featuring shades of Pink Opal, Rose Quartz and Smoked Quartz, as well as an Aqua Quartz top coat – a pearlescent sky blue.

To complete the look, pair LES 4 OMBRES BYZANCE with LE VOLUME DE CHANEL mascara.