Davidoff Cave à Cigare opens at Paris CDG duty-free store

Davidoff Cave à Cigare opens at Paris CDG duty-free store

Connoisseurs of fine cigars departing from Paris CDG Airport now have a walk-in humidor to tempt them at the Buy Paris Duty Free shop located in Terminal 2E. Oettinger Davidoff AG, Lagardère Travel Retail and Group ADP have come together for this joint project.

“Our BUY PARIS DUTY FREE shop at Terminal 2E carries a full line of premium cigars and specialises in limited-edition cigars to pair with the unique liquor selection. In addition to bringing the unique experience of Davidoff to the dedicated cigar aficionado, we will also introduce Davidoff to a wider audience,” added Dag Inge Rasmussen – Chairman, CEO of Lagardère Travel Retail.

As Guy Bodescot, CEO of Société De Distribution Aéroportuaire, explained, “The underlying philosophy goes beyond the typical sense of place feeling that we want for all of our stores: the BUY PARIS DUTY FREE concept must also adapt to the passengers’ profile and expectations. In terminal 2E, Paris Aéroport is expecting us to offer long-haul Sky Alliance passengers a unique environment with the most upscale version of our strategy, to create the ultimate Paris shopping experience. So, we have raised all the standards of the BUY PARIS DUTY FREE concept to their ultimate level: a more personalised service, a great experience for connoisseurs of cigars through the partnership and the development of the Davidoff Cave à Cigare.”

In addition to a wide selection from the full range of Davidoff products, aficionados will find cigars from the well-established brands Camacho, Griffin’s and Zino. The new walk-in humidor will protect the quality of the cigars, while ensuring that they are stored under ideal humidity conditions for optimal taste experience and enjoyment.

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  • Paul Carter - 2 years ago

    friend just brought back cigars for me from this location. by far, the worst cigars I’ve seen