Parfums Christian Dior has introduced Miss Dior Parfum, the first creation of Francis Kurkdjian, Perfume Creation Director, for Miss Dior.

“Miss Dior was born from evenings in Provence, surrounded by fireflies, where green jasmine harmonizes with the melody of night and earth.” Christian Dior, 1947

Francis Kurkdjian reinvents the mythical essence of Miss Dior inspired by the Provence night described by Christian Dior in 1947, with a composition that blends floral-fruity accords dominated by a starry jasmine note, with voluptuous ambery wood notes, giving it the accents of today’s young generation, which is never quite the same, yet not entirely different.

“Creating a new Miss Dior is about wanting to convey the young generation of one’s era in a fragrance.” Francis Kurkdjian, 2024

Miss Dior has always been a fragrance with its finger on the pulse of its era, embracing its spirit and capturing its desires. It is the fragrance of youth, where each note whispers the essence of femininity and empowerment.

Miss Dior, a return to a time of eternal youth.

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