Moët Hennessy Travel Retail has announced the grand opening of Hennessy’s latest boutique in Haikou Meilan International Airport, in collaboration with China Duty Free Group (CDF. The store, located at T2 Domestic Terminal, now houses an 80-square-metre haven dedicated to the brand’s legacy, craftsmanship, and a mesmerizing array of cognac offerings.

Designed around the theme “The Essence of Hennessy,” the store is a testament to the Maison’s patrimony, terroir, and craftsmanship. Warm white limestone and charcoal oak wood materials intertwine, creating a minimalist and contemporary canvas adorned with crafted details. The black and white, organic, and geometric juxtapositions underscore the Maison’s versatility, complexity, and openness to differences and complementary forces. The store showcases a full range of products in a beige style, providing a unique and immersive shopping experience.

Dazzling Dragon’s Odyssey: Hennessy’s Limited-Edition Chinese New Year Collection

With the grand unveiling, the Hennessy Boutique is launched the limited-edition Chinese New Year 2024 collection, design by Yang Yongliang, visionary Chinese artist, known for mixing traditional Chinese art with contemporary, innovative digital technology. Inspired by ancestral culture, his digital creation ‘Dragon’s Odyssey’ portrays the dragon’s surging power and the continuity of its glorious legacy.

To mark the occasion, Hennessy presents a limited edition for three of its emblematic cognacs: Hennessy V.S.O.P, Hennessy X.O and Hennessy Paradis which have all been reinvented by combining traditional drawings with the striking digital art of Yang Yongliang which literally breathe life, movement, energy, and fire into a collective of metallic dragons dancing in and out of waves. Each bottle features a color which embodies the aspirations of the new year: red for joy and luck and gold for prosperity.

Hennessy’s Diverse Portfolio of Timeless Craftsmanship

The Hennessy Boutique besides for the CNY 2024 Limited edition, consumers can embark on a journey to explore the cognac brand’s portfolio. From the harmoniously balanced V.S.O.P cognac to the Hennessy’s pioneering cognac James Hennessy, paying tribute to the founder’s son, the offerings cater to every palate. Hennessy X.O, the Original X.O cognac, stands as an emblematic icon of Maison Hennessy, deep and powerful, with the capacity to achieve great roundness. The exclusive duty-free Hennessy X.X.O 1L bridges duality, offering a powerful structure with aerial finesse. Finally, the Hennessy Paradis, a union of exceptional eaux-de-vie, creates a harmonious
and graceful cognac.

This Hennessy Boutique marks a new chapter for Hennessy’s retail footprint in Hainan, blending tradition with innovation and offering a destination where travellers can immerse themselves in the essence of the Maison. As Maison Hennessy continues its legacy of cultural openness, the boutique at Haikou Meilan International Airport stands as a beacon of craftsmanship, artistry, and the finest cognac-making traditions and serves as a key strategic development with CDFG.