Lancôme’s Lip Art Academy pops up at LAX

Lancôme’s Lip Art Academy pops up at LAX

Lancôme celebrates Lips through its L.A. Lip Art Academy: a can’t-miss event for LAX travellers during September.

Today’s travellers expect immersive experiences from brands that take them beyond simple interactions with products. To answer this need, Lancôme brings to LAX a new pop-up shop that celebrates experiences in colour, lips, and art: the Lancôme L.A. Lip Art Academy.

The L.A. Lip Art Academy is Lancôme’s first Duty Free Pop Up store in the Americas. The store is located in TBIT terminal of LAX for the entire month of August. This popup shop invites all LAX travellers to experience the trendiest Lip Art looks using the brand’s iconic products. Participants attend Make-Up Master Classes with national makeup experts and experience one-on-one makeup consultations right before their flight. Already, fans describe the pop-up as a “beauty addict’s dream” because of the fully immersive Lancôme experience. Travellers shop the latest Lancôme lip products, learn how to apply Lancôme makeup, and use their personal devices to record their makeovers before sharing them on social media.

Lancôme L.A. Lip Art Academy Retail Experience
This pop-up’s 15ft2 modular space breaks out of Lancôme’s traditional codes, and invites travellers to an innovative, experimental concept space dedicated to Lip Art. The pop-up focuses on captivating all types of Lancôme consumers, especially the younger generations that are always looking for new experiences. This pop-up is designed to attract customers looking for something unique: something that can only be found at the Lancôme L.A. Lip Art Academy.

The experience begins in the first module with an audiovisual environment showcasing the pop-up’s star products: the iconic L’Absolu Rouge lipstick and the winner Génifique serum. The second module offers “Lancôme L.A. Exclusives”, our best seller sets that can only be found at Lancôme Duty Free shops, along with tailor-made L.A. inspired Lancôme looks designed exclusively for this pop-up.

The unforgettable customer retail experience continues with the next two modules, where Lancôme invites travellers to interact with its icons beyond the actual products themselves. Travellers discover their ideal L’Absolu Rouge shade and finish (matte, cream or shine) with the option to personalise the packaging thanks to the onsite engraving service. Customers will also have access to Lancôme’s leading Génifique serum in its multiple best seller formats – available only at Duty Free. Finally, as they complete their immersive Lancôme pop-up journey, customers are invited to take a selfie in the designated selfie stations and share their moments on WeChat, Snapchat & Instagram.

Everything is designed to recreate the atmosphere of a “must-visit” L.A. beauty space. The Lancôme Pop Up meets the expectations of the most demanding, make-up savvy travellers. The concept and design creates a lip art atelier accessible to world travellers with make-up expertise at the forefront. The space incorporates wooden floors to convey a high luxury feel and Lancôme’s unique sharing table to allow the discovery of Lancôme’s most iconic products. It is filled with unforgettable offers designed exclusively for this pop-up shop and topped off with Lancôme’s signature Experts that conduct make-up classes every single day of the month long experience.

The Lancôme L.A. Lip Art Academy is ultimately much more than a pop-up store. It is an invitation to discovery. Come find an intimate space where travellers can confidently experiment with the boundaries of beauty, and rely on the brand’s experts to enhance their look.

Lancôme’s Golden Rule: Customer Centricity
The Lancôme L.A. Lip Art Academy Pop-Up experience seamlessly ties together online and offline touch points to ensure the brand’s presence along the travellers’ journey. The initial step into the costumer’s journey begins by attracting these travellers to the L.A. Lip Art Academy: making them aware of the presence of this event in an unexpected location. Lancôme increases event awareness with offline campaigns like bounce back tickets with China Southern Airlines and online campaigns designed to use social media platforms to inform travellers of the event. The event even captures passenger awareness with impactful digital screens at the entrance of the terminal. These large digital displays call out with colour, happiness, and dynamism to every passenger and expose them to Lancôme’s “takeover” action of the terminal.

The interested traveller then encounters the presence of an inviting space full of colour, music, and elements that evoke a strong sense of location. Lancôme effortlessly connects travellers to the action and vibrancy of L.A. with its colourful and attractive merchandise and L.A. Inspired Lip Looks. The Pop-Up is a call out to travellers to embrace the latest trends, products & makeup techniques.

As travellers evaluate the multiple shopping options inside the Pop-Up, all Lancôme customers are invited to participate in any of the 10 minute Make-Up Master classes offered daily. If time becomes an issue, the brand offers personalised Make-Up consultations from Lancôme’s experienced Make-Up Experts and Specialists. The service is enhanced as passengers are offered the opportunity to purchase ready-to-go L.A. look sets and to personalise any of their favourite Lancôme products with unique messages and emoticons via a first in class engraving machine that transforms any Lancôme product into the perfect gift within minutes.

Speaking of gifting, Lancôme makes every purchase a memorable occasion, by servicing every transaction with Pop-Up signature, L.A. inspired gifting elements: mini canvas tote bags decorated with Lancôme’s exclusive L.A. Lip Art Academy looks, To & From tags, stickers, Look cards, lollipops and lip masks – all under the colorful universe of Lancôme’s L.A. Lip Art Academy.

After their immersive experience, enchanted consumers advocate their Lancôme L.A. experience through their favourite Social Media platform. Selfies are taken, uploaded, tagged and shared while at the pop-up as a unique way to capture exciting moments even in the rush of an airport.

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