LOUIS XIII unveils RARE CASK 42.1, a true Wonder of Time and Nature, offering an ultimate expression of LOUIS XIII Cognac.

Combining Time and Nature forces

For the third time in history, in an unexpected departure from the ordinary passage of time, Cellar Master Baptiste Loiseau uncovers the third milestone in the RARE CASK legacy: RARE CASK 42.1.

Inexplicable and unpredictable, a single tierçon has just unveiled its uniquely exceptional aromatic profile, giving a distinct expression of LOUIS XIII Cognac never encountered before, and with an unexpected 42.1% ABV.

Kept in obscurity and seemingly undisturbed, the eaux-de-vie inside are undergoing an enchanting transformation. They deepen with emotional intensity and fascinating mahogany hues that will one day radiate once brought into light. The combined forces of Time and Nature acting through an endless number of interwoven cycles give LOUIS XIII Cognac its inimitable complexity.

Transmitting art

The uncovering of a RARE CASK is a unique moment in the life of a LOUIS XIII Cellar Master, as such a spontaneous, rare occurrence may never happen in a single lifetime.

Through three unique blends of unguessable yet anticipated perfection, the RARE CASK collection pays testimony to the legacy of the House and successive Cellar Masters.

“While the singularity of a Rare Cask rests on a miracle given by nature, the know-how that is necessary to its creation was born from a transmission of an art, from generation to generation, where each cellar master perpetuates the gestures of his predecessors.”
– says Baptiste Loiseau.

Caring for Wonders

RARE CASK 42.1 is the first edition of the RARE CASK collection to be presented as a ritual set. The black crystal decanter is accompanied by crystal glasses ornated with black quatrefoils and a serving pipette featuring a black medallion. The forming of each decanter is a spectacular demonstration of the juxtaposition of art and savoir-faire. Inspired by a flask unearthed on the battlefield of Jarnac in 1569, each Rare Cask limited edition decanter is handcrafted at the House of Baccarat in France.

The single tierçon provides a limited number of just over 775 decanters, specially crafted from black crystal by Baccarat. RARE CASK 42.1 illustrates the importance of Caring for Wonders – for Time and Nature, at the crossroads of art and savoir-faire.

Rare Cask story begins in 2004, when Cellar Master Pierrette Trichet identified a centennial tierçon of eaux-de-vie with a richness and intensity never encountered before and an exceptional 43.8 degrees ABV. This became the first Rare Cask, so special that only 786 black crystal decanters were released. The second Rare Cask was launched in 2013 with a yet different ABV of 42.6. Today, LOUIS XIII unveils its third ever special edition with Rare Cask 42.1.