Lagardère Travel Retail announces the opening of “The Gallery In Barcelona,” an innovative hybrid concept combining a fashion boutique and a stylish gourmet bar. Located in the departures area of Terminal 1 at Barcelona Airport, this unique space offers travelers the opportunity to indulge in chic shopping while enjoying a relaxing break and savoring top-quality gourmet foods.

“The Gallery In Barcelona” is an innovative hybrid concept developed internally by Lagardère Travel Retail Spain & Portugal. Spanning approximately 700 sqm, the store brings together two distinct businesses, Fashion and Foodservice, in a single space. Strategically positioned beneath the VIP lounge and on the way to the non-Schengen boarding gates in Terminal 1, the store benefits from a privileged location. It capitalizes on both domestic and European traffic, attracting passengers with high purchasing power traveling to destinations such as China, the United States, South America, and the Middle East.

“The Gallery In Barcelona” introduces an innovative and boundary-pushing concept, where passengers can immerse themselves in the world of prestigious fashion brands such as Hugo Boss, Montblanc, Lacoste, Calvin Klein, Michael Kors, Max Mara, Swarovski, Tumi, and Longchamp. Complementing these fashion offerings, “The Fashion Bar” presents a gourmet space where travelers can relish exquisite delicacies alongside the best selection of wines, champagnes, and Cavas.

This opening is another example of Lagardère Travel Retail’s commitment to pioneering hybrid concepts, leveraging their extensive expertise in 360° Travel Retail. By delivering comprehensive experiences to travelers, this unique business model adds tremendous value to the existing offerings at Barcelona airport, setting it apart as a distinctive and tailored destination within Spanish airports.