Jägermeister launches duty-free exclusive series of city-themed bottles

Mast-Jägermeister SE, the family-owned company and maker of the most successful herbal liqueur in the world is introducing a new series of city-themed bottles exclusively for the duty-free channel this month.

The city range focuses on eight key international cities, Berlin, Hamburg, Frankfurt, Munich, Copenhagen, Amsterdam, Oslo and Vienna, each depicting images of famous sites printed directly on to the bottle. In a twist, there is a discreet reference to local experiences hidden amongst the images, for example the music scene in Berlin and the lively nightlife in Hamburg. The city range will extend to include Istanbul, Moscow, Sydney and Auckland from Autumn 2018.

The brand is taking a playful and contemporary approach with this series, targeting travellers who have an affinity with the cities and are looking for a unique souvenir. A reflection of the brand’s new premium look and feel, the series is a remix of an initial, smaller collection of city bottles that launched in 2016.

The tagline for the new series is One World, One Jägermeister, emphasising that the liquid inside the bottles remains the same. The range will initially be available in Heinemann stores and become more widely available at a later date.

This initiative reflects Jägermeister’s strategy to prioritise the duty-free channel, as it continues to increase its in-store presence in airports. Jägermeister is the world’s top herbal liqueur brand and the #9 international premium spirits brand.

Mast-Jägermeister SE Director of GTR, Dietmar Franke, says: “Jägermeister is offering customers and travellers something completely unique in the market. As we continue to build on the momentum initiated at the start of the year within this channel, we are excited to introduce this new and exclusive packaging that positively reflects the new brand identity for Jägermeister, instrumental in driving brand premiumisation.”

The bottles are 1L and have an RRP of €17,50. The launch is being supported by PR and digital programming.

Jägermeister, with an ABV of 35% is made from 56 different herbs, blossoms, roots and fruits. It was created by Curt Mast more than 80 years ago and the secret recipe remains unchanged. Made from all natural ingredients, its taste is characterised by hints of citrus, ginger and star anise, accompanied by a slightly bitter herbal note. The recommended serve is an ice cold shot at minus 18 degrees, straight from the freezer.