The new fragrance by Salvador Dali tells the story of La Belle et l’Ocelot a feminine scent created for all women whose personality irresistibly attracts anyone who comes near them.
A surrealist encounter between La Belle et l’Ocelot – a wild cat species so loved by Salvador Dali that he adopted one as a pet… and borrowed its spotted look, now at fashion’s leading edge, for many of his outfits.

With her fragrance, La Belle exudes a captivating aura and seductive power that fascinate the magnificent animal to the point of merging with it and adopting its gracious felinity.
An ultra-feminine, rich and distinguished Eau de Parfum, La Belle et l’Ocelot wonderfully suits women who are confident yet cuddly, bold yet romantic, passionate conquerors yet loving companions. Women who know how to combine their instinct for freedom and conquest with their desire for tenderness and love.

Deliciously daring but intensely chic, always active but feminine and desirable, they will intoxicate their loved ones with pleasure through the unique and dazzlingly sensual aromas of the Eau de Parfum, whose bottle illustrates an encounter between the Ocelot and La Belle in a splendid bas-relief.

The Fragrance
Olfactory family: chypre oriental
Perfumer-Creator: Henri Bergia – Expressions Parfumées

An Eau de Parfum whose luxurious imprint exudes feline sensuality, assertive opulence and conquering femininity.
Fresh and radiant top notes feature Sicilian Bitter Orange Blossom and slightly fruity Davana Extract. An Elemi Infusion gives the fragrance its sharp and spicy facet.
A floral heart unveils a rich, enveloping and wildly carnal composition in which precious Osmanthus Concrete, known for its heady and sensual apricot-like scent, shamelessly flirts with highly refined Velvet Rose and mysterious Night-Blooming Jasmine. The pretty, suave facets of Tonka Bean reinforce the fragrance’s warm side and presence.

In the base notes, Patchouli Absolute blends with amber notes – Benzoin Drops and Oriental Incense – leaving a voluptuous, exceptionally long-lasting and highly sensual trail on the skin.
La Belle et l’Ocelot… the Essence of irresistible seduction.

The Bottle and the Box
A gorgeous transparent bas-relief adorning the front and back sides of the rectangular bottle bestows a uniqueness and personality in sync with the exquisite fragrance of La Belle et l’Ocelot.
The majestic, feline and conquering ocelot appears to be walking toward La Belle…

Its curves, superbly chiseled in the solid glass, are underscored by the contrast between the bottle’s frosted finish and the transparency of the bas-relief, which sets off the rich, ambery fragrance.
The cap, multi-facetted like an utterly pure diamond, floods the bottle with a thousand reflections.

Boasting radiance and elegance, the La Belle et l’Ocelot bottle exudes a tactile, sensual and terribly attractive femininity.

The box portrays the Ocelot, which seems to be emerging from it in the same manner as on the bottle, embossed in matte and glossy black against a brushed golden background, for a truly original piece.

The overall metallic grey box is in harmony with the style of the entire line of Salvador Dali fragrances.

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