Sydney Airport unveils Maison Christian Dior boutique in Australian first

Sydney Airport unveils Maison Christian Dior boutique in Australian first

Sydney Airport has unveiled a Maison Christian Dior boutique at the T1 International terminal in an Australian first.

Exclusive to Sydney Airport in Australia, the new collection features a stunning suite of scented candles, soaps and 22 fragrances and is housed within an elegant pop-up inside HEINEMANN Tax & Duty Free.

Designed to evoke the look of a Parisian home, the pop-up delivers a sensory experience and draws on the style and sophistication of the Christian Dior brand, producing a truly unique shopping experience for passengers departing Sydney Airport from May to July 2018.

General Manager Retail Sydney Airport Glyn Williams said Christian Dior is a brand synonymous with luxury and sophistication and aligns perfectly with Sydney Airport’s retail strategy of delivering the best of global and local brands.

“The Maison Christian Dior collection is an exceptional offering for Sydney Airport passengers; and we’re thrilled to be one of the few airports in the world and the only location in Australia to showcase this incredible boutique,” Mr Williams said.

“We’re focused on delivering exciting and exclusive retail experiences that surprise and delight our customers as they make their way through our transformed terminal.”

Sydney Airport is one of just three airport locations across the Asia Pacific region, including Singapore Changi Airport and Shanghai Pudong Airport, to feature the Maison Christian Dior collection.

Maison Christian Dior is located at the T1 International terminal beyond security within HEINEMANN Tax & Duty Free and is available for a limited time.

Tracy Powell

Tracy is the editorial manager of Duty Free Hunter. Please submit all press releases and brand news by email to [email protected]

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