Żubrówka vodka unveils stylish new look bottle

Roust Group has created a new bottle design for its bison grass vodka brand Żubrówka in travel retail and international domestic markets.

The new bottle, said to refer to the roots of the brand while “maintaining its modern image”, features new forest scenery on the back label that can be seen through the glass, creating a “3D window effect”.

It will be available in the UK, US and Germany, and will later be rolled out to global travel retail along with other European, American and Asia Pacific countries.

“The new innovative design significantly enhances Żubrówka’s unique provenance,” said Grant Winterton, global CEO of Roust.

“The brand has been one of the international growth leaders for a number of years and we are confident that the new packaging will propel the brand towards future long-term growth.”

The new packaging will be available in 50cl, 75cl and one-litre formats.

Żubrówka is the fifth best-selling vodka brand in the world, growing volume sales by 18.7% last year to hit 6.15m nine-litre cases (Brand Champions data).

In March this year, Roust Group launched Żubrówka Black, the “only” Polish vodka to use charcoal from Białowieża oaks in its filtration process.

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    I love reading these articles because they’re short but inteimafrvo.