Pop and a touch irreverent, the new Dior gloss conceived by Peter Philips of Dior Make-up, and embodied by Jennifer Lawrence, brings to lips a natural plumping effect, fresh colour and intense shine. Watch the video, see the images below…

Several months ago Dior introduced you to Dior Addict Lipstick, the first lipstick with a hydra-gel core, and the signature of a colour-rich femininity. Today, Dior Addict Ultra-Gloss brings volume and brilliance to lips. The new gloss comes in eighteen shades and with three textures providing iridescent, sparkling or patent effects. Their names, including Sequins, So Real, Diorama and Sideral, are taken from the Dior fashion culture. These vibrant colours bloom on the lips with voile-like transparency. The equally lightweight texture at the source of this intense and colourful brilliance sits comfortably on the lips without any stickiness. Developed by the Dior laboratories to hydrate and sustainably plump up lips, Dior Addict Ultra-Gloss gives a result that’s fresh and sensual. Its brush, designed for precision application, is the same as that used by the makeup artists backstage at the fashion shows.

Jennifer Lawrence, who was awarded a Golden Globe in January for her performance in the movie Joy, is the bright face of the new gloss. “Jennifer has a strong personality, she’s a natural and spontaneous woman who loves to get made up, putting on her gloss, and changing it according to her mood,” says Peter Philips.






Among the nineteen nuances created by Peter Philips for the new Dior Addict Ultra-Gloss, discover the three iconic shades Cosmic, UltraDior and Cruise, with a glossy effect that’s iridescent, glittering and patent, respectively.

Cosmic shows off its iridescent brilliance with the colour coral. Infused with bluish micro beads, the gloss reveals unexpected flashes of blue-violet as light hits it, bringing to mind the House’s costume jewelry. UltraDior, on the other hand, which also lends its futuristic effect to the collection of Dior accessories of the same name, is a grenadine red with real shimmer. With a strongly pearlized accent, it captures light over the entire surface of the lips. Lastly, Cruise, giving a subtle nod to the Dior cruise collections, is an hibiscus pink that reflects light with the purity of the surface of water. Rendered transparent, each of the three shades can be paired with a lipstick from the Dior Addict Lipstick range, to heighten the intensity of its pigments. To flawlessly finish off the look, three varnishes leave a sweep of pearlised colour on the nails to match the lips.

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