Bulgari has added three new fragrances to it’s La Gemme collection. Titled Lazulia, Zahira and Selima the new arrivals are inspired by the gems of the Arabic peninsula. These fragrances are bottled once again in beautiful amphora inspired bottles with gilded trims.

About each of these new Bulgari fragrances:

This Lapis Lazuli inspired fragrance evokes sultry Arabic nights and a world of exotic sensuality. The Lapis Lazuli gem is heavy with symbolism as it’s considered a gem of royalty and spirituality. It also represents the celestial since time immemorial and is a symbol of life force and a source of power. The word Lazulia means deep blue in Arabic and the fragrance is suitably alluring with top notes of jasmine, middle notes of natural incense and base notes of royal oud wood essence.


The spicy oriental Selima has been influenced by the carnelian, a sacred gemstone symbol of serenity and abundance, life and wealth. Selina is the Arabic word for “serene and calm” but the fragrance is energetic and lush. It opens with top notes of saffron which fade into middle notes of roses. The base notes are comprised of delicious dates and warm spices.


The third fragrance in the series is named Zahira which means “shiny and luminous” in Arabic. The name is fitting considering the scent spotlights the yellow topaz. This gem is all about energy, confidence and charisma and it inspires admiration and respect. The fragrance is a heady floral oriental blend with top notes of warm royal cinnamon, heart notes of ylang-ylang and rich base notes of benzoin resinoid.