Australian Wines take to the stage at Sydney Airport

Australian Wines take to the stage at Sydney Airport

New World Wine specialists, Accolade Wines has brought its first ever category stage area to Sydney Airport. Throughout the months of January and February, Accolade Wines has taken over a 16sqm area where is it showcasing its Hardys, Grant Burge and Houghton wine brands.

The promotional area features branded pillars and brand blocks that shows off the three brands in all their glory and ensures travellers will be able to spot the area from afar. A central pillar features a screen that scrolls through 9 different images creating eye-catching movement as well as enhancing the branding.

The inclusion of a tasting bar that is staffed for 8 hours a day for the duration of the promotion gives travellers the opportunity to try before they buy. An ipad on the bar counter displays tasting notes in both English and Mandarin helping to encourage shopper engagement, whilst stools around the bar aim to increase passenger dwell time along with giving it a more premium feel.

For those travellers that want to make their purchase extra special, Accolade Wines is also offering the option of a gift packing service. The unique service involves the buyer taking a ‘selfie’ with a special Polaroid camera; the photo is then attached as a gift tag for a very personal present.

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