Ajmal, the prestigious fragrance house and leading perfume authority, is entering the UK market with the launch of the Prive collection in World Duty-Free, Heathrow Terminal 4. The Dubai-based perfumer with a rich heritage that spans seven decades in the art of fragrance has crafted the collection exclusively for the European market.

The Prive collection represents the ultimate expression of the brand’s heritage, craftsmanship, and expertise in extracting the purest ingredients. It consists of five ranges with three variants each: Kristaal, Galaxy, Gems, Royal, and Signature. Every formulation is expertly blended, offering an exceptional luxury perfume experience with over 20% pure concentrated oil in each bottle. The bottles are exquisite and tell a unique story.

Since 1951, when the late Haji Ajmal Ali first harvested Oud Oil from Agarwood trees in Assam, Northern India, Ajmal has been committed to producing the purest formulations and its Farm-to-Fragrance ethos, as grower, manufacturer, and retailer of its collection. In that same area of Assam today, Ajmal cultivates over 10 million agarwood trees and is known as the world’s leading purveyor of the finest oud and oud oil, as well as other fine and rare perfume ingredients.

Each year celebrated noses and perfumers come to Ajmal’s plantation to be inspired and educated by Ajmal’s expertise and innovation that has seen them lead the way in blending Oud and oriental oils with western notes.

Abdulla Ajmal, CEO and the third generation Ajmal said “The launch of Ajmal in the UK marks an exciting new era for the company. The Prive collection will be the UK consumers’ first introduction to Ajmal’s world of luxury perfume rooted in creativity and innovation. We have created this exclusive collection for the UK as we recognise its status as one of the most sophisticated and developed perfume markets in the world, driven by knowledgeable perfume buyers who are looking for new and unique fragrances with exceptional ingredients. World Duty-Free provides us with a wonderful starting point to connect with consumers who may have seen the Ajmal brand during their travels, and we will look to further our expansion in UK and Europe later in the year via luxury retailers, building Ajmal’s reputation as a globally recognised fragrance power house.”