Alexa Chung returns as the face of Longchamp

Alexa Chung returns as the face of Longchamp

Alexa Chung is back again for her seventh Longchamp campaign, looks like the best one yet…

Model, muse and all-round fashion rebel Alexa Chung has reprised her role as the face of Longchamp for yet another stunning campaign. The longtime friend and spokesmodel for the brand reveals a softer, more romantic side to her style with the release of their Spring 2017 collection. Giving us outfit, hair and bag envy, (what else is new), the 33-year-old channels her inner Parisian as she poses amongst rose buds and greenery in a private garden tucked inside a Haussmann-style townhouse.

Shot by famed lensman Mikael Jansson, known for his love of natural light, the shoot features four main accessory styles as modelled by the TV presenter and journalist. Showcasing the ivory Paris Premier bag that’s personalized with a colored shoulder strap and charms, the sporty-chic Pénélope bag, the romantic Le Pliage Héritage hobo bag and finally the Le Pliage Cuir Rayé tote, the refreshingly feminine collection perfectly accents Alexa’s famed laidback style.
Alexa Chung Behind-The-Scenes

Marking her seventh consecutive campaign shoot for Longchamp, the label’s muse also takes iconic Paris Fashion Week videographer Loic Prigent on a tour of the city of love, presenting her personal vision of Paris whilst discussing what she admires about the capital and its residents in a heartfelt tribute. Lamenting how Parisian women inspire her every day, Chung notes how they are free-spirited, never a slave to fashion and create their own style, all qualities she admires and strives to emulate.

In the first – titled La Parisienne – she chats French style, the secret to looking effortless and how to craft a perfect outfit, while for the second film – titled J’aime Paris – she waxes lyrical about her favourite city and shows us her favourite spots. The third ‘Double trouble’ is a funny story about the trials and tribulations of speaking Franglais in Paris…

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