One of the world’s most popular cream liqueur brands, Amarula, has unveiled a bold new addition to its range of adventurous and unexpected flavours: Amarula Raspberry, Chocolate and African Baobab.

The special variant will pre-launch in August with South Africa’s Big Five Duty Free before rolling out to other duty-free locations in autumn.

Natasha Maharaj, Global Marketing spokesperson at Amarula, says: “Our new Raspberry, Chocolate and African Baobab blend is the latest in our continued journey to explore the unexpected, modern and exotic side of Africa.”

Maharaj explains that a spirit infusion of tropical fruit, berries, citrus and botanicals is a growing trend both in South Africa and internationally. “We put the time in to find out exactly what our discerning customers are looking for in terms of modern flavour profiles in the context of a premium liqueur. What we discovered is an overwhelming appetite for unexpected and interesting tastes.

“Flavour varieties such as berries have long been known to evoke this type of experience, and, naturally the luxurious flavour of chocolate also resonates well with our customers. As for the unexpected, we couldn’t go wrong with Baobab, which is the personification of Africa.”

The new variant exclusively uses ethically-sourced, African ingredients. It is infused with creamy chocolate, raspberries and botanicals derived from the African baobab tree to create a full- bodied flavour with notes of raspberry and a hint of citrus-infused baobab. All of this is blended with the natural taste of Marula fruit cream liqueur for an indulgent taste sensation.

Amarula Raspberry, Chocolate and African Baobab can be served as is, chilled over ice, in exotic cocktails or even over baked desserts.

Amarula’s intention to explore and celebrate everything that is Africa continues in the design of the bottle. “The flavour profile is nothing less than uniquely African and we added a visual element to turn it into a holistic experience,” explains Maharaj. “The vibrant colourful label leads customers further on their journey with its dusty pink shades that evoke the image of an African sunset.”

Luke Maga, Distell Global Travel Retail Managing Director, comments: “Amarula has seen strong growth recently in travel retail, driven by range extensions such as Amarula Vanilla Spice and the travel retail-exclusive African Range. Now with the exciting introduction of Amarula Raspberry, Chocolate and African Baobab – which meets the growing trend for exotic flavours – we are confident that the brand will continue on an upward trajectory.

“The bottle design and flavour of this new variant set a new standard for premium cream liqueurs, and as a world-renowned brand we will to continue to offer new flavour profiles that are as uniquely African as Amarula itself.”

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