Exquisite at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol has been awarded the prestigious seal of “Habanos Specialist”.

Exquisite, as regular Schiphol travellers may know, is a high end, specialist shop for the finest wines, spirits and cigars. Cigar connoisseurs know they will receive Cuban cigar specialities and outstanding service at the “Habanos Specialist” shops, there are only about 700 retailers who bear this honour worldwide.

A visible mark of distinction

Habanos awards the seal to shops that want to raise themselves above the competition in the premium cigar segment by presenting a particularly large range of Cuban cigars in an excellently equipped ambience. The shops have to meet various requirements for the seal: it has to be a distinguished shop with a suitable humidor, the staff have to be specially trained, more than 50 per cent of the premium cigars have to be Habanos, the remainder of the range has to fit in with the Habanos and include the top sellers in the relevant country.

Purchase options and special launches

In return, Habanos offers certified shops benefits such as special training courses, integration in the Habanos website and a purchase option for new products and special launches. “The latter is particularly important to us,” explains Rüdiger Stelkens, Director Purchasing Liquor Tobacco Confectionery and Fine Food at Gebr. Heinemann. “Especially if bad harvests cause supply shortages for the high-class products, thanks to the seal we can always still offer our customers the best Habanos.”