Coty Travel Retail Asia Pacific is proud to unveil “Around the World”, a multi-brand fragrance pop-up store in Malaysia Airport featuring iconic brands such as Chloé and Marc Jacobs. Following the success of the last pop-up in Haikou airport, China. “Around the World” Malaysia will open from December 2022 to May 2023.

Inspired by travel and fragrance discovery, the pop-up store brings a new retail concept to travellers in Malaysia Airport through its curation, interactive setup and retailtainment offerings.

Coty Travel Retail Asia Pacific partnered with Malaysia Airport Niaga Sdn Bhd to unveil “Around the World, a multi-brand fragrance pop-up store.

Take Flight with Coty to Explore the Marvelous World of Fragrance

With an impossible-to-miss“Around the World”themed giant hot air balloon at its centre, visitors are invited to step inside and embark on a journey to discover some of the world’s most iconic fragrances.

First stop is the Chloé podium, where they will be delighted by Chloé’s elegant, free-spirited and uplifting fragrances. Travellers will then move on to the world of Marc Jacobs to experience the youthful playfulness of the house and it’s renowned fragrances. Travellers will be transported around the world by fragrance; they’ll be immersed in cedarwood from the Himalayas, ancient spices, tranquil lakes and waters, and flowers in full bloom.

Follow Coty on a Fragrant Journey “Around the World” offers a memorable shopping experience and fun interaction. A QR code will take customers to an exclusive online app, allowing visitors to take selfies with photo effects and floating hot air balloon filters. Customers can then download and share their selfies with their chosen loved ones.

As a finishing touch, customers can receive custom-printed ribbons to tie onto shopping bags or to wear around the wrist.

Scan the QR code on-site to unlock a unique online retailtainment experience.