Bacardi has announced a powerful addition to its expanding premium rum portfolio with the launch of BACARDÍ® Gran Reserva Especial (16YO) – exclusive to Global Travel Retail, initially available from DFS stores at selected Asia Pacific and North American airport locations from July 2019.

BACARDÍ Gran Reserva Especial is a rare, limited edition, premium sipping rum, crafted by BACARDÍ® maestros who have hand-selected the most exceptional barrels of aged rum. Traditionally aged for a minimum of 16 years in American white oak barrels, the warmth and humidity of the Caribbean climate accelerates the rum ageing process – around three times faster than whisky ageing, for example – but with no reduction in quality as the tropical ageing process develops. As such, this remarkable 16-year aged rum can be compared to a whisky aged for 40+ years, expressing a complexity and smoothness rivalling that of the world’s most exclusive Single Malts.

BACARDÍ rum has notably focused on providing age statements across its range of rums to guarantee a minimum age for the liquid, further strengthening the premium characteristics of its portfolio and enhancing consumer understanding in navigating the range with a clear price ladder directly related to the age and craftsmanship of each variant.

Julie Witherden, Marketing Director, Bacardi Global Travel Retail, outlines the strategic importance of the new launch on the path to category growth: “Rum is the last category to premiumise in Global Travel Retail with total Premium+ Rum sales growing at +11% (5YR CAGR, IWSR, 2018). As category leader, BACARDÍ rum is ambitious to seize that opportunity and unlock its true potential.

“We are creating a stunning new landscape with age statements for every type of rum enthusiast. Our commitment to helping consumers explore Rum with greater confidence is underpinned by the quality, range and clarity of our portfolio architecture and its pricing ladder. Positioned above BACARDÍ Gran Reserva Diez (10 YO), BACARDÍ® Gran Reserva Especial is aged for a minimum of 16 years – comparable to a 40-year ageing in whisky, making it an exceptional sipping rum and a significant premium launch in our strategy.”

Company founder Don Facundo Bacardí Massó pioneered key rum-making techniques, including the isolation of a single strain of yeast from nearby sugarcane fields. This closely guarded ingredient delivers the consistent quality and taste that makes BACARDÍ rums the world’s favourite and is still used today. The release of BACARDÍ® Gran Reserva Diez demonstrates the continuing unwavering commitment to maintaining that BACARDÍ family tradition of craftsmanship, excellence and innovation.

Tasting notes:
BACARDÍ Gran Reserva Diez is aged under the Caribbean sun for a minimum of 16 years, slowly developing the unique and precious liquid with warming woody notes, stone fruits, caramel and a smooth velvety texture, with a viscous mouth feel. It is best enjoyed neat or over ice.

DFS will present BACARDÍ® Gran Reserva Especial at a selection of key airport locations from 1 July 2019, including Singapore Changi, Hawaii and Los Angeles. Digital media on DFS platforms will complement the extensive in-store support for the launch.

BACARDÍ® Gran Reserva Especial (ABV 40%, 1L bottle @US$100) is available from July 2019.