Ballantine’s and Beefeater see the Light with new lower-alcohol editions

Ballantine’s and Beefeater see the Light with new lower-alcohol editions

Pernod Ricard’s UK-based Scotch and gin businesses are setting out to open up the spirits category with two brand new expressions from Ballantine’s and Beefeater. Ballantine’s Light and Beefeater Light are 20% ABV spirit drinks delivering the exceptional quality and great depth of flavour that has made Ballantine’s the No.1 Scotch in Europe and Beefeater the World’s Most Awarded Gin – but with half the alcohol.

Launching exclusively in Spain this month, Ballantine’s Light and Beefeater Light offer those seeking a more balanced lifestyle high-quality, lower-alcohol alternatives, providing more choice to suit their tastes and drinking occasions. The launch responds to the rise in consumers wanting to cut down their alcohol consumption and drink more mindfully, without missing out on the social enjoyment of a drink shared with others.

Spain is a key market for both Beefeater and Ballantine’s and one of the biggest markets in Europe for the no/low alcohol category, with at least 50% of bars and restaurants having no- or lower-alcohol options on their menus. In Spain, 54% of consumers are reducing or considering reducing their alcohol consumption, to support a more balanced lifestyle.

Crafted after months of experimentation with different whisky bases and additional flavours by the Chivas Brothers blending team led by Ballantine’s Master Blender, Sandy Hyslop, Ballantine’s Light is a lower-ABV alternative for Scotch fans that is full of flavour – and unmistakeably Ballantine’s. The new expression is light in nothing other than alcohol, offering the balanced fruity and floral notes typical of Ballantine’s signature style, but delivering fresher notes of juicy green apple, as well as a citrussy zing with aromas of pink grapefruit and orange zest. It is designed to be enjoyed in the same way as the full-strength Scotch – whether neat, on the rocks, or in a cocktail.

The Gin Hub’s Beefeater Light is an all-natural, gin-inspired spirit containing the same nine botanicals used for Beefeater London Dry, crafted in the heart of London by Master Distiller

Desmond Payne MBE. The expression launches alongside a new bottle design inspired by Beefeater’s authentic London heritage, and features key enhancements such as a new bottle shape, modelled on the iconic London brick, with facets that not only highlight the brand name but also facilitate pouring.

Jean-Christophe Coutures, Chairman and CEO of Chivas Brothers, comments: “Our teams have been working hard to create spirit drinks that accommodate mindful drinking without compromising on flavour, and to bring Scotch and gin fans a new way to enjoy the Ballantine’s and Beefeater experience.

“In line with Pernod Ricard’s 2030 Sustainability & Responsibility roadmap ‘Good Times from a Good Place,’ we are continuing to challenge ourselves and push the boundaries in developing innovative expressions that reflect the changing lifestyles of our consumers.”

Ballantine’s Light and Beefeater Light will be exclusively available in Spain from January 2021, with an RSP of €12.45 and €13.55 respectively.


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