BALLY heads to California with ‘Wanderlust’ Spring Collection

BALLY heads to California with ‘Wanderlust’ Spring Collection

Inspired by a carefree road trip off the beaten path in California, Bally’s Spring 2019 collections have arrived.

Inspired by a West Coast road trip, Bally’s campaign captures the easy-going attitude portrayed in 1970’s American colour photographs by Joel Sternberg and Stephen Shore, pioneers in the colour photography art boom of the era. Evoking a road side motel, photographer Jack Davison and Art Director Ben Kelway recreate that mood depicted by those classic photos.

Bally’s Cecyle bag returns for Spring in new shapes, sizes and textures including a diamond quilting pattern taken from an archival 1990’s Bally bag.

Janelle takes on a side kick for adventure with the new open-toe Jayde boot making this the perfect warm weather boot.

The Grip sneaker takes you where you want to go. The black rubber sole reminiscent of a tyre puts you in the drivers seat.

Travel care-free with the Shake backpack – Bally’s lightweight leather bag perfect for filling with treasures found along the journey.

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