The Corner Bag, is designed with a single cut corner inspired by the gentleman’s corner of a man’s shoe.

A sharp distinction for autumn, in embossed Dottie leather, fresh from the Bally archives of 1935. The Corner bag is also available in luxurious pony, lizard and alligator, and in small or medium sizes.

THE GENTLEMEN ‘S CORNER – Functional from day one, the gentleman’s corner is a slice off the inside edge of the heel on a man ‘s dress shoe, that functions to prevent tearing of the bespoke fabric of trouser legs . This enticing graphic detail has become a signature in the Bally collections for men and women’s designs alike, from shoes to handbags and beyond. It is edge, with meaning . The gentleman‘s corner appears throughout the collection on the corner of handbags, wallets ,shirt and jacket cuffs, pockets and more…

The Bally Autumn Winter 2014 Collection is a celebration of modern Swiss Design,where innovation meets refined craftsmanship and where understated luxury meets effortless style. Since 1851, everything Bally creates, from the most casual to the most formal, is designed for the moment, to evoke desire and to set a standard for modern elegance. It is about heritage, but more.

“We focus on every stitch. We handle leather like an architect. We put quality and function at the forefront. For everything we touch must be technically impeccable yet full of ease and sensuality. Bally has taken its history of craftsmanship and innovation and infused that knowledge into the creation of authentic modern designs; giving rise to a collection with clean lines, timeless shapes and enduring style.”

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