Baroque & Rose, the vegan, organic luxury skincare brand has secured its first travel retail listing with Emirates Airline. The Emirates listing, for the Organic Pure Face Tonic, is Baroque & Rose’s debut into airline retail and has been in operation since April 1 2022.

The renowned beauty brand has earmarked 2022 as a year for expansion into the global travel retail market in collaboration with specialist sales agency, GMax Travel Retail.
“Emirates was the first airline listing for Baroque & Rose and the feedback so far is that the luxury product has been well received by passengers; it’s new and perfectly suited to the Emirates customer profile,” said GMax Travel Retail founder Garry Maxwell.

“We’ve seen huge interest from other airlines and we are talking to cruise and airport retail partners too. Baroque & Rose is unique in its luxury skincare positioning; it offers a unisex, vegan, organic, sustainable brand DNA that is not yet available in the travel retail marketplace.”

“It’s good timing for Baroque & Rose to make its debut into the travel retail channel as passengers return to international travel. We’ve had a great response to our sustainable and organic skincare so far in the domestic market and we know consumers are looking for this type of conscious beauty option on their travels,” added Miriam Ciantar, founder of Baroque & Rose.

Baroque & Rose skincare products use modern ‘skin-science’ and the purest Mediterranean ingredients to bring customers a quality unmatched by anything on the market today. 100% organic and sustainable ingredients make Baroque & Rose products the best for both body and for the environment.

The company first targeted the travel retail sector in early 2020 but held off the launch of this exciting new sustainable brand with the arrival of Covid-19. The brand has very ambitious goals for global markets in both domestic and travel retail, and has some exciting range expansion news in the pipeline.

Instantly perking the skin with a fresh and subtle fragrance, B&R’s Organic Face Tonic 125ml includes Aloe Vera gel, Chamomile extract, orange peel extract, and Calendula extract, wheat germ oil and lavender. It offers a wonderful uplifting mood, while the fragrance leaves the senses calm and revitalised.

About Baroque & Rose:

Baroque & Rose was created by renowned make-up artist, spa owner, skincare treatment specialist and aesthetician, Miriam Ciantar. After more than 40 years of working in the industry, Miriam sought to fill a gap in the market of luxurious, organic, unisex skincare products that are good not only for men and women, but also the environment.

Unisex. Vegan. Luxury. Organic. Separately, none of these words can describe Baroque & Rose (B&R). B&R is a lifestyle brand, dedicated to those who not only want the best and purest ingredients in products they put on their body, but who also want the best for the environment. Products produced and sold by B&R are made with sustainable ingredients and packaging; everything down to the plant-based ink used on boxes and labels is eco-friendly.