BÉNÉDICTINE 1888, a super-premium expression of the iconic French liqueur, has launched exclusively into the Malaysian travel-retail market.

Bénédictine 1888 is now available at the country’s biggest international gateway airport Kuala Lumpur International with duty-free retailers Eraman and Pemborong Bumihijau. The liqueur is also on-shelf in stores at the regional airports of Penang, Langkawi and Kota Kinabalu.

BÉNÉDICTINE 1888 is a blend of BÉNÉDICTINE liqueur and the finest Cognac. The spirit is left to mature for an additional three months in small oak casks to create a smooth, complex liqueur with a light, herbal fragrance, and a well-balanced palate with a soft and mild honeyed finish. The date ‘1888’ on the bottle and packaging refers to the year the wine merchant and religious art collector Alexandre Le Grand opened the stunning Palais Bénédictine distillery in the Normandy town of Fécamp in France.

Four years earlier, Le Grand had rediscovered the secret recipe of BÉNÉDICTINE® which Venetian monk and talented herbalist Dom Bernardo Vincelli had first created at Fécamp Abbey in 1510. Fécamp’s Benedictine monks continued distilling after Vincelli’s death but the recipe was then lost during the turbulent French revolutionary period. The half-Gothic, half-Renaissance Palais distillery remains the only production site for BÉNÉDICTINE® worldwide and the only other location where BÉNÉDICTINE 1888 is sold. A popular tourist attraction, the distillery still uses Le Grand’s original nineteenth-century copper stills.

“Bénédictine 1888 pays homage to the wonderful home and heritage of BÉNÉDICTINE® and the farsighted vision of Alexandre Le Grand,” said Bacardi Global Travel Retail Regional Director Asia Pacific Gaurav Joshi. “Malaysian duty-free is the ideal market to launch this super-premium expression thanks to its popularity with consumers making the country one of the brand’s top export markets. BÉNÉDICTINE 1888 offers a tempting trade-up for loyal followers of this famous French liqueur.”

Tasting Notes: The nose is light and herbal with a pleasant aroma of dried fruits. The well-balanced palate offers soft, woody notes and a mild finish of honey.

BÉNÉDICTINE 1888 is 42.8% ABV