BOMBAY SAPPHIRE has announced a new limited-edition label designed in collaboration with artist Maggie Enterrios, inspired by the 100% sustainably sourced botanicals at the heart of its iconic gin, highlighting the brand’s mission to pioneer a more sustainable future. This stunning limited edition is the perfect addition to hosting or gifting, particularly over the festive season.

California-based illustrator Maggie Enterrios, also known as @littlepatterns, took inspiration from the botanicals found within BOMBAY SAPPHIRE gin to create her artwork, producing an elegant, one-of-a-kind design. Known for her contemporary botanical artworks, Maggie illustrated the BOMBAY SAPPHIRE botanicals at different growth stages, from seeds to blossoms to flowers in full bloom.

On her inspiration for the BOMBAY SAPPHIRE Artist’s Edition bottle label, Maggie comments; “I wanted the design to feel like looking through the bottle straight into the soul of the gin: its botanical make-up. The design is meant to be a representation of the taste and a celebration of aromatics, all intertwined and bursting with movement. I wanted to focus on the entirety of the botanical – the fruits, rinds, and husks, all the way to the roots and the leaves.”

“I was inspired by the connection that BOMBAY SAPPHIRE has with its suppliers and growers, and I loved hearing the stories of where their botanicals are sourced. The whole project resonated with me deeply – to me, it felt like a way to honour craftsmanship. The craft of the farmers who grow the botanicals, the craft that goes into the vapour infusion process and the craft of creating a meticulous piece of artwork.”

BOMBAY SAPPHIRE gin features 100% sustainably sourced botanicals and works closely with suppliers and growers, not only for direct access to the finest ingredients, but also to support their development. This process was the inspiration behind the label design – celebrating not just the responsibly sourced botanicals, but also the creativity and collaboration behind the gin-making process.

The 10 botanicals, which include juniper from Tuscany, coriander from Morocco, lemon peel from Spain and cubeb berries from Java, are hand selected by BOMBAY SAPPHIRE Master of Botanicals Alessandro Garneri to create the gin’s fresh, bright taste. He says: “It’s our responsibility to care as much about the farmers and their communities as we do the botanicals they grow and harvest for BOMBAY SAPPHIRE. By looking after their well-being and investing in sustainable farming practices, we are helping to protect the environment and their livelihoods for generations to come.”

An example of this in practice is the village in Ghana where, over a number of years, Bacardi has worked with AIESEC, a local non-governmental organization, to help the community establish itself as an independent farming cooperative – from installing a water pump, which now supplies the village with fresh water, to recruiting an agronomist for expert advice and guidance.

The botanicals are gently vapour infused to capture their bright, vibrant flavours. This process ensures a balanced flavour profile that offers versatility, making BOMBAY SAPPHIRE gin the perfect creative canvas for cocktails and mixed drinks.

Thanks to the brand’s commitment to sustainable gin-making from farming to bottling, the BOMBAY SAPPHIRE distillery was awarded ‘Outstanding’ by BREEAM (the world’s leading environmental assessment for buildings). The distillery uses 100% renewable energy, achieving the Carbon Trust Standard, with all waste recycled or converted into energy. BOMBAY SAPPHIRE is environmentally conscious throughout, with every bottle made with its iconic 100% recyclable blue glass and label crafted from certified sustainable paper.

Highlighting the effort of BOMBAY SAPPHIRE to pioneer a more sustainable future, the latest limited edition makes a wonderful gift this festive season, plus the striking label design eliminates the need for additional secondary gift packing. BOMBAY SAPPHIRE gin provides the ideal canvas for mixing in a variety of creative cocktails – perfect for gin lovers, cocktail aficionados or those looking for an iconic addition to spruce up their at-home bar.

The BOMBAY SAPPHIRE Artist’s Edition bottle is available for a limited time from retailers across France, Italy, Spain, Germany, Portugal, Austria and Andorra.