The Italian winery and distillery will be showcasing the two new products; Lemon Spritz and Green Gin The Wild Bottega at the TFWA World Exhibition & Conference in Cannes next month.

Lemon Spritz (available in cl 20 bottle and in cl 25 can) is a ready-to-drink cocktail with a low alcohol content thanks to the use of only lemon infusion instead of Limoncino. Its pleasantly refreshing taste makes it a new and interesting version of the traditional Spritz. The Spritz is a traditional Italian cocktail with a long history,linked to the Habsburg domination in the Lombardo-Veneto Kingdom. To create the Lemon Spritz we got inspired by our Bottega Spritz, a cocktail based on sparkling wine, Limoncino – our lemon liqueur – and mint leaves. Lemon Spritz derives from the combination of white sparkling wine, infusion of lemons organically grown in Sicily (the same used for Limoncino, our lemon liqueur) and mint. Its bubbles comes from the sparkling wine and not by the addition of carbon dioxide, making it fresh and lively. The correct pairing and dosing of quality ingredients lead to a product with a full, strong character, with low alcohol content, perfect for leisure time spent with friends.


Green Gin The Wild Bottega (cl 70 bottle) is a new version of the Bottega distillery, characterized by herbaceous notes and a complex bouquet given by the numerous botanicals used, including, in addition to juniper, lemon and mandarin, hemp seeds, wild fennel and basil. It is a Distilled Dry Gin produced using water from the Alps and botanicals from different regions of the Italian peninsula: the balsamic notes that can be derived from the mountain landscape, the hints of fresh and dry vegetables characteristic of flat areas, and the typical notes of the Mediterranean scrub. The botanicals are left to macerate separately and for a long time in a hydro-alcoholic solution; a double distillation is then carried out, which cleanses the liquid of any undesirable scents and produces an elegant distillate with a complex bouquet. A gin with an unmistakable character, whose uniqueness comes from the selection of wild plants together with the freshness and aromaticity of lemon and mandarin. Excellent both pure and as an ingredient for cocktails and long drinks. Ideal mixed with Mediterranean tonic water, which enhances its herbaceous notes.

Sandro Bottega, President of Bottega S.p.A., argues: “In the last 3 years the GTR market, more than the domestic ones, has been subject to strong fluctuations. Our company, thanks to the careful collaboration of the main operators, has overcome the difficult moment and returned to pre-pandemic levels. Perhaps the so-called new normal consists in the ability to quickly adapt to sudden changes due not just to the market as to external events. Lemon Spritz and Green Gin The Wild Bottega are expression of this sentiment”.