Breitling readies launch of Exospace pilot’s watch

Breitling readies launch of Exospace pilot’s watch

Watch brand Breitling has announced the launch of Breitling Exospace B55. The brand’s first connected chronograph places the smartphone in the service of the watch to enhance its functionality and user-friendliness.

Designed for aviation professionals, the Exospace B55 reaffirms Breitling’s position in the vanguard of micro-electronics. The in-house Caliber B55 boasts analogue and digital display and is equipped with a range of original functions tailor-made for pilots. These include an electronic tachymeter, a chronograph recording up to 50 split times and a countdown/countup system that is useful in enabling a sequence of countdown and timing operations.

An eminently aviation-oriented “chrono flight” device serves to record “block times” (times elapsed from the moment the plane begins to taxi towards take-off through to when it comes to a halt at the end of a mission) and flight times, while memorising departure dates and times, arrival times, as well as take-off and landing times (Block and Flight Times functions).

The watch will be available from late February 2016, priced at £6,650.

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