Bric’s celebrates 65 years of travelling with style with a special anniversary collection.

“65 years of business, history, long standing territorial roots and passion. Dedicated to fine craftsmanship and manufacturing, as well as attention to detail, have always been characteristics of the brand.”

Bric’s says its “Production has always been characterised by constant development, where research and Heritage, innovation and tradition, functionality and elegance are intertwined and balanced with skilled craft, advanced technology, and interpretation of new trends, creating a perfect fusion between shape, function and design.”

Today, Bric’s reflects timeless elegance typical of its home province, Lake Como, harmoniously blending with the urban and cosmopolitan style of Milan – the city that hosts the brand’s most important flagship store in the beautiful Galleria Vittorio Emanuele.

The Bric’s brand has become an ambassador of Italian style in the world, capitalising on the potential of the global marketplace in distribution as well as production, yet staying true to our motto “Made in Bric’s”, which respects the philosophy and culture of “Made in Italy.”

Bric’s Mission is to become a leader in the luggage and travel bags industry, with products recognised for their image and functionality and a positive quality/price ratio.

Ideas and the ability to turn resources into winning products are the main assets of Bric’s. The company’s added value is its ability to combine concreteness with creativity, innovation with tradition. Each detail of a new product is the result of brilliant intuitions, of ambitious projects, of well-established styles, of a bold new approach. Observing the perfect blend of functionality and beauty that gives place to a new Bric’s product is the most effective assurance of the future of a company that was now established.

Nowadays, Bric’s has a worldwide distribution, 5 overseas flagships, 32 standalone brand stores and more than 1,500 wholesale clients in Europe, United States, Asia- Pacific and United Arab Emirates.

65 years after its birth, Bric’s remains a family business – moving towards the third generation – and stays true to the progressive entrepreneurial dream of the founder, Mario Briccola.