To mark its 65th anniversary the Italian luggage brand, BRIC’S, updated its advertising using the world-renowned Milan shopping mecca, Galleria Vittorio Emanuele, as the backdrop for a new, glamorous and cosmopolitan brand image.

For a long time, and now again, BRIC’S has chosen the city of Milan as the location to promote its new iconic, powerful, architectural image – the centre of the most refined Meneghino passage, at Galleria Vittorio Emanuele. With soft golden shades and rich nineteenth-century details, it serves as the majestic protagonist together with the BRIC’S products.

The main image featuring a harmonious geometry depicts young, contemporary, cosmopolitan models overlooking a mighty pyramid structure constructed using BRIC’S luggage and travel items from its different signature collections, conveying the brand’s soul. Likewise, the best-selling collections, Bellagio, Life and Life Pelle serve as the main characters of this imposing composition presented in cream, olive, and cognac tones that mix and match with perfection. Like a perfectly tuned instrument, the image relays and evokes the brand’s Heritage and its unique and unmistakable style.

The campaign mood expresses an ethereal but real vision which at the same time is fragile yet imposing, soft but structured: the novelty of the BRIC’S image arises from these surprising and unusual contrasts which turns it into something unexpected and evocative, perfect for elevating and communicating the brand’s essence.

In addition to the series of ethereal images, the campaign is rounded out with a set of still life photos where the BRIC’S luggage and travel items live and appear in their natural habitat: the hôtellerie. Here, the selected backdrop is the casual and informal environment of Room Mate Giulia, a boutique hotel created by architect and designer, Patricia Urquiola, in the heart of the city, not far from the “Salotto di Milano” (Galleria Vittorio Emanuele). The discreet and comfortable environment comprised of sophisticated and refined colour combinations and high-design objects, emphasises the neutral and natural shades of the sophisticated BRIC’S product.

Relying on its role of Italian style Ambassador and on its manufacturing know-how, BRIC’S projects its goods, characterised by timeless elegance, and the essence of the brand into diverse and distant lands, talking novel language, and exploring territories of the contemporary and metropolitan world, while remaining faithful to its Italian artisanal roots.




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