Moelskine and Bric’s have teamed up on a new capsule collection of trolleys and travel bags designed for urban life as well as long journeys.

Moleskin by Bric’s addresses a new and contemporary consumer, and was inspired with five distinctive travellers in mind. The first and most demanding is the businessman/woman who travels in the modern world and needs to be organised in their movement and bring with them their technology and writing instruments, both digital and physical.

The second is the urban commuter who follows new trends in their way of living and navigating the city through all different modes of transportation –cars, bicycles, skateboards, public transportation or other.Linked to this category is the student who is constantly evolving their lifestyle and changing their habits in the way they move and learn, becoming an intellectual traveller who values the carrier of their studies, ideas, and discoveries.

Another really important consumer, and the most vital reference for this collection, is the creative professional who expresses their imagination through different methods such as writing, drawing, photography, technology or other, and keeps this world of theirs in a carrier to always take with them everything that inspires their artistic vision and imagination. And lastly, the consumer that transverses all other categories is the trendsetter who always looks to be a leader and pioneer in searching for the best products related to the time in which they lives.

From these consumer categories we built an imaginary map made up of key words that inspire the different travellers, not only when they move from city to city but also when moving from one thought to another. On the map, in fact, we note the different inspirations used when designing the collection: travel, design, creativity, discovery, imagination, observation, narration, etc. This map is the graphic illustration of this collection.

The Collection

The Collection can be ideally divided into two categories: business and travel. Each category features soft-side and hard-side items -made from technical fabric and polycarbonate, respectively, and produced in black with fluorescent details.

The business category includes internal compartments that vary according to the function and size of the items in use and include several multi-compartment bags.More specifically, the business category includes three backpacks –a sling, a classic and a squared backpack with external pockets – a briefcase, a cross-body, a messenger, a tote, a business weekender, a special RFID1 pouch that can be used either separately or attached to the inside metal snap hook and, last but not least, a hard-side trolley featuring a front pocket with business organiser.

The travel category includes two sets of trolleys; one soft-side and one hard-side. They come in the classic cabin,medium, and large size, equipped with spinning wheels and a customised multi-step pull-handle system with a customised rubber handle grip.

The soft-side trolleys are made from nylon and are lightweight and unstructured. The hard-side trolleys are made from polycarbonate and have an embossed anti-scratch Moleskine logo pattern, matte black aluminium corner protectors and a double deck organiser that has been designed with the characteristic fluorescent contrasts.

Bric’s long-standing experience in leather and travel-ware is the best guarantee of top quality materials and cutting edge technical and functional features. The technical fabric of the soft-side items consists of a blend of opaque nylon and cotton, with a water repellent coating. The stratified structure of the hard-side trolley polycarbonate frame delivers light weight, versatility and robustness. The trims, including handles and accents, are made from genuine leather and come in a matte finish. The lining is made from synthetic fabric and comes in an off-black colour that creates a visually appealing contrast with the glossy logo pattern. And the waterproof, polyurethane-coated zipper adds another technical touch to the entire collection and aids in delivering an unmistakable urban vibe.


The soft-side collection’s distinctive features

Shared exterior characteristics include: an external “in case of loss” tag on a fluorescent band reminiscent of the Moleskine notebook,an external and practical vertical front pocket with a vertical black leather band, and an ergonomically shaped easy-grip pull characterised by an aesthetically accurate, well-thought-out and functional design highlighted with the Moleskine by Bric’s logo engraved on it.

Shared interior characteristics include: interiors specifically styled to fulfil the requirements of the contemporary traveller, featuring a business organiser with laptop, tablet, mobile phone and “My Moleskine notes” pockets as well aspen holders, a metal snap hook to hold keys or a matching pouch,and a zip pocket with fluorescent lining. Additionally, a customised, limited edition Moleskine by Bric’s notebook will be included within.

Launching from September 2016 – check back for more details or sign up for our newsletter here

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