PORT CHARLOTTE 2007 CC:01 is the latest in a thought-provoking range of single malts crafted with pride at the house of Bruichladdich.

Each is a tribute to the exceptional, heavily peated spirit that was created in the village on the Scottish island of Islay, at Loch Indaal distillery, until its closure in 1929.

In the 21st century, for the past fifteen years, the mavericks of Bruichladdich have been captivated by the complexity generated when the power of peat combines with the elegantly floral top notes achieved by trickle distillation in their tall, narrow-necked copper stills.

Their now legendary PC range successfully explored the effect of time on this precious liquid, but nothing, not even time, stands still at Bruichladdich. This new release is the start of a fascinating new exploration of how this sophisticated smoke-rich spirit is influenced by the cask in which it is matured.

Breaking with tradition, PORT CHARLOTTE 2007 CC:01 has been kept full-term in finest French oak, slumbering on Islay for eight years in casks that previously held one of the great eaux de vie from the western Cognac region.

Here, the peat smoke combines with salt spray from the shores of Loch Indaal to vie with the toasted oak and lemon barley sugar flavours of the wood, ultimately releasing multi-layered and warming aromas of poached pears, cinnamon, ginger and yet more rich vanilla.

This is yet another innovative new direction for the provocative Islay distillery. It’s young and enthusiastic workforce defies convention by distilling, maturing and bottling all its whiskies on the remote Scottish island.

Now some 85 strong the team steadfastly refuses to colour artificially any of their range of single malts or subject them to chill-filtration. Remaining fiercely independent of mind, they prefer instead to offer whiskies with an unusually high bottle strength.

This latest release is a single vintage and so inevitably limited.

PORT CHARLOTTE 2007 CC:01 will be available from April 2016 exclusively through selected travel retail stores at a recommended price of 90€/103.50 USD.