Bulgari is celebrating the 75th Anniversary of its icon of endless metamorphosis, Serpenti. This milestone marks three-quarters of a century of timeless elegance, unparalleled craftsmanship and creative transformations.
Since its birth in the late ‘40s, Bulgari Serpenti has captivated the world with its bold, daring design inspired by the sinuous form of a snake. The collection has become a symbol of female empowerment, transcending time and trends first thanks to watches and jewelry creations and later on expanding into the universe of Leather Goods.

“For 75 years Bulgari has shown its audacious creativity, ingenious craftsmanship and modern spirit through its emblematic Serpenti creations inspired by the jewels of Cleopatra, in a Rome of more than 2000 years ago. They convey endless tales, artistry and empowerment. It expanded the boundaries of jewelry, reflecting the spirit of confident women and entering the world of art through exciting creative collaborations. It was and is the ultimate Bulgari icon of endless metamorphosis,” commented JeanChristophe Babin, CEO of the Bulgari Group.

Bulgari, ATU Duty Free and Gebr. Heinemann are celebrating Serpenti also in Istanbul airport in November 2023, offering a digital and physical immersion to its visitors in their flagship store. This event will provide an opportunity to discover the evolution of the Serpenti motif and witness the exquisite craftsmanship that has made Bulgari an esteemed name in the world of luxury. It will allow travelers to enrich their journey with 75 years of creativity and infinite tales before going into their next destination.

“We are delighted to celebrate the 75th anniversary of Serpenti collection, and to bring this iconic collection to the travelers in our Bulgari store that we operate at Istanbul Airport. Travelers will have the unique opportunity to immerse themselves in the captivating aura of Serpenti, experiencing its allure both visually and physically throughout November in our Bulgari store which is located in the heart of the airport on the international terminal departure floor, zone 4. We invite all travelers to explore and indulge in the timeless elegance and creative legacy embodied by Bulgari’s Serpenti collection, making their journey through Istanbul Airport a unique shopping experience.” stated Ersan Ercan, CEO of ATU Duty Free.

For the first time in the design universe, in 1948 Bulgari associated bracelet-watches with the sign of the serpent, linking it to the eternal mystery of time.

Expanding the horizons and setting its own rules: over the decades, Serpenti changed its skin while keeping its distinctive features to capture, awe, and hypnotize watchers across generations. To empower its wearers and gift them something spanning a lifetime.

“With the first Serpenti collection in 1948, Bulgari united innovation and beauty in a unique way and has been reinventing the iconic pieces ever since. In our Bulgari store in Istanbul, we want to take consumers on this impressive journey of the past 75 years and create an unforgettable shopping experience for them in line with our mission statement”, explained Jan Richter, Director FAWJ at Gebr. Heinemann.

Beyond Bulgari’s fascination, the snake has always been part of the vast pantheon of human mythology, embedded in diverse cultures across the globe. Such a powerful sign is not only about beauty. It is about the strength and the values that it represents. Since ancient times, the captivating reptile appears in amulets and talismans claimed to protect or bring luck. Bulgari’s countless reinterpretations of the snake represent the virtuous continuation of such a rich historical tradition, in the name of exquisite craftsmanship and visionary design.

Through the years, the infinite shapes of Serpenti creations have become a testament to the Maison’s technical prowess and inventive style. Serpenti is not just a synthesis of jewelry-making bravura; it is the crown jewel of unexpected beauty in details. Serpenti wraps around one’s arm, wrist, or neckline – it makes one with the wearer as it follows the movement. Gold shaped like a living matter with a life of its own, coiled around the wrist in a sinuous embrace of effortless elegance.

Serpenti jewelry creations captivate with their sinuous lines and enveloping shapes. From the contemporary flair of Serpenti Viper to the more realistic styles set with precious gems, the irresistible magnetism of Serpenti is meant to be eternal. Serpentitimepieces are watches with the soul of jewelry, embracing the wrist with their alluring charm. From the enveloping coil of the Serpenti Tubogas to the seductive hexagonal scales of Serpenti Seduttori, each timepiece of the collection plays with aesthetic codes that have become timeless signatures of the Bulgari style.

For 75 years, Bulgari’s Serpenti creations have captured the Maison’s Mediterranean roots, imaginative design and artisanal virtuosity. The infinite metamorphosis of Serpenti conveys the aesthetic dynamism of a visionary Brand that never stops to experiment staying true to its codes.

Today, the Serpenti collection stands as a testament to Bulgari’s unwavering commitment to excellence, innovation, and the fusion of artistry with meticulous craftsmanship.