Bulgari enhances La Gemme collection with three new editions

Bulgari enhances La Gemme collection with three new editions

Bulgari has extended its ultra luxury collection of fragrances, known as La Gemme, with the launch of three new editions.

The luxury collection LE GEMME by Bulgari was launched in 2014 with six fragrances inspired with precious gems – this continued in an oriental direction with Le Gemme Oriental Collection. This second collection was launched in 2015 and held its focus on precious gems found in Arabia – Lazulia celebrates lapis lazuli, Selima conveys the beauty of cornelian, while Zahira evokes the intense shine of topaz.

This year’s Bulgari luxury perfume collection leads us to the world of jade, a stone valued in ancient China, Asia and the Tang empire. This new fragrance chapter LE GEMME IMPERIALI includes the scents Desiria, Irinia and Splendia and puts a spotlight on white, green and purple jade. The fragrances are not connected only with beautiful jade; they are carefully decorated with floral notes of magnolia, that can be found in the heart of all three compositions.


Jade culture in China has inspired Bulgari designers who carefully designed new fragrance bottles aligning them with the jade colours. Irinia, Desiria and Splendia are presented in the same style as previous Le Gemme bottles with these versions in black decorated with white, purple and green surfaces. Gold detailing on the edges and stopper further contribute to the beauty and elegance of the bottle.


“A journey into the purity, mysticism and serenity of Ancient China. Inspired by the purest white jade and its aura of peacefulness, respect and generosity. Irina, a name of Greek origin, signifying ‘peace’, pays delicate homage to women of supreme elegance and femininity, whose beauty and poise emanate as much from within as from without. Bvlgari’s Le Gemme Imperiali – Irinia is a sensual and sophisticated Eau de Parfum of sumptuous floral musk notes.”


“A journey through a luxuriant royal garden of the Tang empire. The soul of this luscious fragrance is mauve jade – a rare and exuberant gemstone. Desiria, meaning ‘desire’, conveys everlasting love and passion throughMauve jade. A sultry and captivating Eau de Parfum, the scent of a Chinese garden fantasized.” Desiria carefully transfers desire with the fragrant bouquet of roses surrounded by magnolia blossoms and a warm cloud of musk. Desiria is available as a 100ml Eau de Parfum at the price of £235.




“Emblematic of Asia’s imperial power, the sublime green jade gemstone has been coveted by Emperors and Aristocrats for thousands of years. Splendia, a name that evokes the beauty and splendour of the Queen of all jades.” Splendia showcases floral notes of magnolia and narcissus over moss that provides a natural and earthy tone. Green jade on the bottle reflects the freshness and green colors with a scent of lush spring daffodils. Splendia is available in a 100 ml Eau de Parfum at the price of £235.
The new fragrance collection Bulgari Le Gemme Imperiali is available at Harrods, Bulgari stores and at selected global travel retail outlets. 

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