Burberry reveals Riccardo Tisci’s first campaign for the house.

“The thing that excites me the most about Burberry is how inclusive it is – it appeals to everyone no matter their age, their social standing, their race, their gender. So when I was thinking about my first campaign here, I knew I wanted to work with a collection of collaborators to help interpret the breadth of what this incredible heritage house represents to so many different people – from the millennial to the mature, to the British and to the international.

I pulled together 6 photographers, all with a very different energy, experience and point of view of the world – including British masters of photography and the next generation who have something new to say – to interpret this new Burberry era and the multigenerational men and women we speak to, all through their own unique eyes.

They are images that have the confidence to stand on their own, but it’s when they are assembled together that they truly bring the diversity, the eclecticism, the inclusivity and the beauty of Burberry to life.”

Riccardo Tisci, Burberry Chief Creative Officer


Burberry has just revealed Riccardo Tisci’s debut ad campaign for the British house.

For his inaugural campaign, Riccardo has assembled a multigenerational cast of photographers and models, from the most experienced to the emerging, to bring his vision for Burberry to life.

The campaign was shot by photographers Nick Knight, Danko Steiner, Hugo Comte, Colin Dodgson, Peter Langer and Letty Schmiterlow, all of whom make their Burberry campaign debut.

Creating a collection of contrasting imagery, the six creatives portray Riccardo’s diverse and inclusive vision, whilst translating the new cues and codes for Burberry in their own inimitable style.

The multicultural stars of the campaign include Stella Tennant, Fran Summers, Claudia Lavender, Rianne van Rompaey, Natalia Vodianova, Irina Shayk, Sora Choi, Anok Yai, Darani, Matteo Ferri and Joe Plunkett.

The campaign will evolve throughout the season, appearing across all Burberry channels and in international media until April.

“Being a part of Riccardo’s new vision for a legendary house like Burberry was really a dream come true… I constantly pinch myself asking how I ever ended up being this lucky. The answer is it’s due to the people who really believed in me, and Riccardo was one of the firsts. I am so happy to be the face of Burberry and to reconnect with Riccardo again.”

Irina Shayk

“Being involved in Riccardo’s first campaign for Burberry is such a monumental moment for me, especially being British and new in this industry; it’s wonderful to be taken under Riccardo’s wing, and an honour to work with a creative genius like him. This campaign is a significant moment for me and my career, and I am proud to be a part of it.”

Fran Summers

“Working with Riccardo at Burberry is a dream come true. Seeing the ideas develop from start to finish has been brilliant. He is a visionary and being in his first campaign for Burberry is an honour!”

Claudia Lavender

“It is a great feeling and experience to be part of something new. It is one of those moments where you as a model get the power to make a mark on the brand and campaigns to come, which is a creative rarity and a very fun thing to do.”

Rianne van Rompaey

“I have known and admired Riccardo’s work for a long time and I have always thought that he has an amazing and elegant vision as well as a deep understanding of the beauty and relevance of fashion in today’s world. I was very excited to be shooting his first season’s campaign and to have the opportunity to collaborate to redefine Burberry’s image globally.”

Nick Knight

“My work is mostly about experiencing something and then channelling that experience through photography. Rather than seeking to tell a specific story, I often try to express emotions, feelings, or complex connections between subject matter and the world we live in.

I was very excited about working with Stella. She is such an incredible person to photograph and to see her in the new collection designed by Riccardo is such a great fit. Her energy is so potent, it makes for a very special experience.”

Colin Dodgson

“What excited me the most about the project was the process of collaborating with Riccardo in creating these images. There were so many references from art and cinema that collided to make a single image. It was very inspiring to deconstruct all the elements that were the inspiration for the collection – and create something new that represents Riccardo’s Burberry.”

Danko Steiner

“I was super excited about building a bridge; translating the legendary Burberry heritage into a contemporary moment.”

Peter Langer

About the cast


Nick Knight (British)
Danko Steiner (German)
Hugo Comte (French)
Colin Dodgson (American)
Peter Langer (German)
Letty Schmiterlow (British)


Stella Tennant (British)
Fran Summers (British)
Claudia Lavender (British)
Rianne van Rompaey (Dutch)
Natalia Vodianova (Russian)
Irina Shayk (Russian)
Sora Choi (Korean)
Anok Yai (American-Egyptian)
Darani (British)
Matteo Ferri (Italian)
Joe Plunkett (British)