Campari celebrates the bond that has always existed between the brand and its hometown, Milan, with the launch of the new Campari bottle design inspired by a shared history that began in 1860.

To mark this occasion, a never seen before drone show will light up the Milanese sky with the unmistakable Campari Red on the evenings of Thursday, May 4, and Friday, May 5. This special tribute will demonstrate how the stories of the brand and of Milano are closely connected and united by the same innovative and pioneering spirit that, over time, has made them style icons.

In fact, since its creation the Campari bottle has been changing shape and evolving alongside the city, drawing continuous inspiration from it. The new bottle, inspired by Milano, reflects the sleek, minimalist fashion and contemporary design that the city is known for – it is a visual homage to the city, combining effortlessness and understated elegance, just like Milano itself. The direction of the lines, with a modern and direct cut, symbolize the journey of the Aperitivo ritual from Milano to the rest of the world, leading the eye to the city’s name in the center of the bottle. In addition, the dynamic movement and the tapering of the lines reflects the vitality and transformation over time that Milano and Campari have undergone together, from the past to the future, with an innovative and forward-thinking approach.

To launch the new bottle, on May 4th and 5th Campari hosted the largest drone show ever seen in Europe, lighting up the city’s skyline, specifically Sempione Park – which was closed to the public for the event, but viewed from across the city. The display will lasted 12 minutes and brought iconic Milanese symbols to life through a spectacular show of illuminations.

“With this event and the presentation of the new Campari bottle, we wanted to pay homage to Milano, its resourcefulness and its excitement, traits that deeply bind it to the spirit of our brand”– explains Julka Villa, Campari’s Global Head of Marketing –“Not only seeing the sky of Milano lit up in red through an incredible spectacle, but also with a concrete contribution by investing in a cultural project that will further enrich this city to support the art of filmmaking, something that has always been part of Campari’s soul.”

The harmonious union of two icons, Campari and Milano has continued for more than 160 years, a sign that the brand has found the city to be the perfect ally: a combination of modern and historical, classical and pioneering, entrepreneurial and enjoyable, reflecting the very essence of Campari. Milano can encompass creative souls of the most diverse facets, from the world of design to that of art and cinema. And it is precisely in this last art form that Campari’s love for the city comes to fruition, through its support to the City of Milano and the reopening project of the historic Cinema Orchidea located on Via Terraggio, a few meters from the Basilica of Sant’Ambrogio. After over 60 years of service and definitive closure in 2009, it will once again become an important center as an audiovisual and cultural reference point. Campari, which has always chosen film as a means of communication used to express the essence of the brand and its Red Passion, is committed to the establishment of new projects with a high social impact, in addition to the support of existing ones.

The brand’s bond with the city will also be celebrated through the special cocktail list of the Camparino in Galleria, the famous Milanese venue founded in 1915 by Davide Campari overlooking Piazza Duomo, an icon and symbol of the Milanese aperitif par excellence.