RETURN TO SAINT-AULAYE is a small-batch single-cru Cognac produced from the last vineyards of Dordogne, exclusively from Colombard grapes. Only 3,000 bottles have been produced.

Crafted purely from Colombard grapes grown on a small 1.5-hectare parcel in the village of Saint-Aulaye, RETURN TO SAINT-AULAYE is the outcome of a decades long project to rediscover and protect a unique terroir because, although geographically part of the Cognac AOC ever since it was first mapped out, the historical tradition of Cognac-making was on the verge of disappearing from this area.

The idea behind this Cognac comes from a synergy between the House of CAMUS and the village council of Saint-Aulaye. This latter started to scour – at the end of the 90s – local historical archives to find authoritative sources on the region’s Cognac producing tradition, which dated back to the nineteenth century. This task enabled a meticulous selection of areas to plant new vines, according to the geological nature of the land and the way this would have affected the aromatic profile of the final distillate.

Once the vineyards became productive, the council decided to entrust the Cognac production to CAMUS. A further research was conducted by the CAMUS team, leading to the revival of certain traditional practices, such as using barrels made with wood from the local Double forest, chosen for the highly aromatic maturation they offered. After years of study, development and ageing, the final blend of the 2016 vintage is brought to us now as a limited edition.

RETURN TO SAINT-AULAYE truly represents a celebration of this rich terroir and a unique opportunity to explore an expression of the Cognac Appellation that is atypical, and yet rooted in history.

RETURN TO SAINT-AULAYE is a small-batch single-cru Cognac produced from the last vineyards of Dordogne, exclusively from Colombard grapes. This Cognac was distilled in 2016 and bottled in its fourth year
of ageing. It is therefore classified as a VSOP. RETURN TO SAINT-AULAYE was bottled at an ABV of 43% to enhance the aromatic features of the liquid. Its concentration in esters is 60 mg/l.

To encapsulate all the key elements of this one-of-a-kind Cognac, CAMUS has created for RETURN TO SAINT-AULAYE a pack with highly symbolic visual features.

Presented in an elegant cylindrical bottle, the RETURN TO SAINT-AULAYE label is inspired by the iconic Dordogne landscape – elements of nature reminiscent of the vineyard mix with the
architectural symbols of the region, while the sensory aspects come to life in the form of warm colors.

The texts and drawings are underlined by an elegant golden thread that lights up the whole label.

The premium cardboard box broadens the gaze on the Dordogne terroir, illustrating the journey through the vineyards and the birth of RETURN TO SAINT-AULAYE.

This small-batch Cognac will be out for pre-sale on from April 2nd to April 26th, shipping worldwide. Then it will be available from top selected retailers.