The collection includes: Lucky Charm, Alegria de Vivir, Fearless & Fabulous, Call Me Darling, Mad World, and Me First.

Starting with Alegria de Vivir. Like fate offering you a second chance when you least expect it, this light-hearted and ultra-delicate scent holds out an armful delicate Peonies, that slowly bloom and unfurl, revealing a rich Cedar wood heart and grounding base notes of Rice Steam. And since this scent is certainly fit for a lady, what could be more lady-like than the Joyful Jasmine charm, the very essence of femininity and Herrera’s signature flower in both fashion and fragrance? (Fun fact, the star-shaped bloom is Mrs. Herrera’s favourite!)

So while there’s no secret to happiness, a lucky charm never hurts!

Looking for a daily dose of positivity? Affirmations and incantations are worth an honorary mention, but for the #HerreraBeauty girl, one spritz of Fearless and Fabulous and it’s in the bag. Focus on your #goals and ward off the haters with this bold new scent.

At its heart, a Pink Gardenia in full bloom – delicate as a vision yet bold and resilient. Like a precious secret waiting to be revealed, it sits wrapped up in warm luxurious layers of Cashmere Wood, urging you to unleash its quiet power. The reward? A delicious and generous burst of Pear Elixir top notes that make this plucky fragrance the ultimate pick-me-up. You’ve got this!

For kissing out loud, put on your best lipstick and tell them, “Call Me Darling”! When it comes to being your fun flirtatious self, there’s no time like the present, so don’t think twice: pucker up and embrace life. Like an arm of mass seduction, this sensual and generous fragrance wears its Orange Flower heart on its sleeve. Once it has your attention, it draws you in with base notes of Tonka Bean, inviting you to stay a while. Just as you’re settling in and getting comfortable, a surprise visit from Cherry Milk top notes. They make their way through the fray causing heads to turn and hearts to sway. Pair yours with the Satin lipstick in our signature red, Carolina (colour n° 310), and prepare to kiss more and worry less.

It doesn’t get said enough, but – it’s ok not to be ok! Enter Mad World, a grounding Zen-like fragrance that feels like a little moment of calm amidst the madness. The setting? A peaceful inner oasis far from the chaos and demands of modern life, filled with the scent of Osmanthus flowers. Take a step forward into a citrus green aura that wraps around you like a protective shroud. As you keep going, top notes of Bergamot gently peel away to reveal a smoky ethereal Lapsang Souchong heart. Sweet yet sour, its Plucky Pineapple charm reminds us that life too can be bittersweet and full of contrasts. But remember, for every tear shed, there’s a ray of sunshine waiting around the corner!

Life’s a gamble, so roll the dice and see what happens! Whether you’re superstitious or not, there’s no harm in always having an ace up your sleeve. Cue the Lucky Charm fragrance – Or should we say, Fortuna herself? Like an unexpected breeze laden with the scent of Iris flowers and hope, she comes and goes at the eleventh hour. And although she likes to be courted by all, she’s been known to favor the bold, enveloping them in a comforting Vanilla embrace before releasing them with a thrilling Plum Mirabelle kiss. She’s Lady Luck, or summer in a bottle if you will, and as filled with possibility as a balmy night out on the town in your best frock!

Sometimes, you’ve just got to do you. And that’s where our new Me First fragrance comes in! Embellished with a Beating Heart, that most symbolic of the Herrera charms, this bold feminine fragrance is your sign to start looking after number one. Exuding sheer confidence with heart notes of Turkish Rose, it’ll greet you at the door with exotic top notes of Lychee – but don’t be fooled. For behind this sweet and innocent demeanor, base notes of Cedar wood reveal a solid and grounded personality, making for a spicy essence that’s just as feisty as you are! So don’t call it narcissism and do call it an ode to self-love. Now, repeat after us, “I am fabulous.”

The collection includes: Lucky Charm, Alegria de Vivir, Fearless & Fabulous, Call Me Darling, Mad World, and Me First.