Fly high, let your spirit soar… This is the very quintessence of the L’ENVOL DE CARTIER fragrance for men.

The brand says…

It is an airy, woody and nectar-like scent inspired by the mythical ambrosia of the gods on Olympus, believed to confer immortality. Vibrant, active and liberating: this was the vision of Cartier perfumer Mathilde Laurent.

Unmistakably masculine and uplifting, it inspires the wearer to greatness and successes, flying alongside one of the Maison’s greatest legends, the aviation pioneer Alberto Santos-Dumont.

The L’ENVOL DE CARTIER fragrance reveals the pioneering spirit in us all. The secret to this aromatic elixir that sets the heart and soul ablaze with inspiration and ambition is the passion with which it was made. Let your journey begin here, with the dawning of new ideas that allow the wildest dreams to illuminate life’s winding path.

L’ENVOL DE CARTIER is a robust and contrasted eau de parfum, a unique oriental-transparent fragrance. Both strong and mellow, it quivers with freshness before becoming more rounded, inspiring and uplifting all who experience it. A honeyed scent with Gaiac wood contributing divine and resin qualities to this ambrosial fragrance, the power of L’ENVOL DE CARTIER lies in eschewing the familiar.

An active substance, a delicious woody nectar, imbued with vitality, to which Mathilde Laurent adds the depth of a vaporised musk. Its trail is pure, iridescent and airy. With this scent, shot through with patchouli to stimulate the mind into action, flight suddenly seems possible.


“More than a bottle”
This is no ordinary bottle, but a capsule contained within a detachable glass dome. Precious and modern, nomadic and sedentary, this ‘elixir of life’ is inseparable from the self, a dash of energy for the soul. The L’ENVOL DE CARTIER capsule, a modern container for precious honey coloured nectar with golden phosphorous yellow intensity, can be carried independently. A timeless yet contemporary object with dual functionality, thus integrating the technology required for the masculine and mechanical movement for both interlocking and detaching the capsule.

Resolutely modern in its design and refillable like the Maison’s pioneering Must de Cartier and Santos de Cartier fragrances, the bottle retains creative and stylistic Cartier tradition with its famous guilloché motif on the bottle stopper.

Innovative, both in terms of the way it is used and the way it was developed, the L’Envol de Cartier bottle incorporates numerous techniques, encompassing traditional bottle making to tableware, with the dome demonstrating Cartier’s glasswork expertise. More than a bottle, this is L’ENVOL DE CARTIER, the latest Cartier fragrance for men.