Chanel J12 – Black or White?

Chanel J12 – Black or White?

The Chanel J12 watch has been the go-to sporty-luxe watch for men and women – originally in white, now you have a choice to make…

J12 White and J12 Black can both agree on one statement: the design isn’t black or white. It’s black… and it’s white. What statement will you make today?

Reinventing the codes of watchmaking, the Chanel J12 has stated a new allure and a unique design since its creation. Innovative in both its technique and aesthetics, this ceramic watch embodies contemporary and casual elegance, reflecting a love for freedom.

One of the unique selling points of Chanel’s J12 has always been its versatility. In black or white polished ceramic, it’s both masculine and feminine, sporty and dressy, hardwearing and elegant. Add in a few diamonds and it also becomes a sexy little number, perfect for those occasions when you need to impress.

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