To help celebrate the centennial of Chanel No.5 this year, the house is releasing a new line called the Factory 5 Collection. It will include 17 limited-edition beauty products that are inspired by everyday objects.

Bath tablets come in a tea tin, shower gel in a paint tin, body cream in a tube, bath lotion in a squeeze bottle and body oil in an oil tin, for instance.

According to Chanel, the collection is meant to serve as “a reminder that wearing No.5 transforms the ordinary.”

“There can be as much value in products that we use regularly as in products that we use for very special occasions,” Thomas du Pré de Saint Maur, Chanel’s head of global creative resources fragrance and beauty, said in a statement. “It’s all about the experience these products give you.”

It is also about going back to Gabrielle Chanel’s desire to break codes — in fashion and as in beauty. The first No.5 bottle was in a laboratory bottle, after all.

“By taking popular consumer items out of their context and dressing them up in the aesthetics of No.5, we return to Chanel’s first creative gesture: that of transforming a functional object into a desirable luxury item,” du Pré de Saint Maur continued. “That’s what Chanel Factory 5 is all about: offering the experience of luxury in everyday life.”

The line will be launched starting June 29 in pop-ups in big cities worldwide. They’ll have Chanel’s black-and-white colour code and a splash of Pop Art colours, too.

In each factory setting, people can experience various demonstrations at workstations. A digital iteration of the pop-ups will be available, as well.