Charlotte Tilbury launches a Kate Moss inspired fragrance

Charlotte Tilbury launches a Kate Moss inspired fragrance

For anyone who has ever wanted to smell like Kate Moss, here’s your chance. Moss has teamed up with make-up artist Charlotte Tilbury for a fragrance inspired by the supermodel – a scent we’re dying to try.

The fragrance, aptly named Scent of a Dream (with Moss being the dream, we assume?), is Tilbury’s first, drawing on inspiration from both her muse – Moss – and Tilbury’s own experiences of wearing perfume.






Tilbury, who told she has been chased through airports (she’s one of us, duty-free lovers!!) to find out her preferred fragrance, said Scent of a Dream had elements of fire-tree, amber, and the synthetic compound Hedione, which reacts with the body’s own pheromone to create a unique scent to every wearer.

The campaign is set to hit our stores and screens next month, followed shortly by the fragrance.

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  • Pretty Honest - 3 years ago

    Do you happen to know if this perfume is sold in duty free at airports in U.K.?