The collection combines Chinese beauty and traditional culture with MAC’s strong aesthetic.

MAC Cosmetics has collaborated with Chineses brand Angel Chen on a capsule make-up collection, that combines bold colours with traditional Chinese cultural influences and dragon culture. The collection will be officially launched this October.

The line fuses the designer’s bright aesthetic and traditional Chinese cultural influencers. Chen’s bold and interesting designs are consistent with the avant-garde character of the MAC brand, with the resulting collection exuding Chinese charm. Putting a modern twist on Chinese Dragon culture, the collection features mainly reds in a range of vibrant shades.

In the collection, the Chinese designer brings “red makeup” (“red makeup” from the ancient music house “Mulan poem”, refers to women’s makeup.) as a source of inspiration. The product is turned into a palette, the lipstick is used as a brush; each capsule series product will bring vitality and agility when used, and every woman can become a “goddess”. The pen from Ma Liang discovers beauty and creates beauty[referencing a traditional Chinese folk story]. The designer’s influences are bold and interesting, and consistent with the strong, avant-garde aesthetic of the M·A·C brand, with the ultimate creation of a capsule series with Chinese charm. – from the designer