The fragrances of the Chloé Atelier des Fleurs collection have been composed in close contact with nature. They have been developed by master perfumers who have captured the scents of fresh, vibrant flowers with a sense of passion and elegant simplicity.

This singular olfactory approach offers the sensation of foliage, wood or an armful of fresh flowers, in the signature Chloé style.

Today, three brand new fragrances join the collection. Each formulated with 100% natural origin fragrance, the scents pay tribute to Oak, Hyssop and Immortelle, plants brimming with a vital energy that bestows nature with a sacred dimension.

These three scents may be worn alone or blended with other fragrances from the collection, offering an infinite number of olfactory compositions to be custom-crafted for yourself or a loved one.


By Mylène Alran

In use since the cleansing rituals of antiquity, this sacred flower holds a special place in Mylène Alran’s memory, evoking images of both her childhood in the south of France and her travels across the mountains of Morocco. By pairing it with a citrusy accord and a touch of rose water, the perfumer has created a note as pure and crisp as a breeze, expressing all the beauty of uncorrupted nature.


By Caroline Dumur

The immutable immortelle, or everlasting flower, has been viewed for millennia as a symbol of eternity. Perfumer Caroline Dumur has sought to capture its scent as it is enjoyed in nature, along the paths leading to the beaches of the Mediterranean. Its warm, solar notes contrast with a fresh, slightly salty accord, creating a fragrance that can be imagined as a stroll among the dunes, where the aroma of greenery melds subtly with the sea spray.


By Alexis Dadier

For Alexis Dadier, the oak is the king of trees. During rambles through his beloved forests on the Opal Coast, he never fails to gather bouquets of oak leaves to take their unique scent home with him. Inspired by this ritual, he has created a warmly enveloping and woody fragrance in homage to this mystical tree, said to be the link between Earth and the heavens.

Our oak extract is distilled from wood chips left over from the manufacture of wine vats. The wood is sourced from sustainably managed forests in France.


These three new Atelier des Fleurs creations are part of the Maison’s commitment to reducing its environmental impact. The fragrances are formulated with 100% natural origin fragrance and housed within eco-friendly packaging. They are also fully recyclable and contain a portion of recycled materials (100% of the cardboard for the box and 15% of the glass for the bottle). The paper used to craft the box and label is FSC certified, meaning that it is sourced from sustainably managed forests. Lastly, the hot gold-stamping used for the labels has been replaced with more environmentally friendly ink-printing.