Chloé’s Fall/Winter 2023 campaign transports us to the picturesque landscapes of Sarakiniko, Milos, Greece, where the brand’s latest collection unfolds like a tapestry steeped in Grecian charm. Renowned models Raquel Zimmermann and Devyn Garcia are captured through the lens of the talented photographer Zoe Ghertner in this ethereal setting.

Drawing inspiration from the 17th-century artist Artemisia Gentileschi, Chloé’s Fall 2023 collection pays homage to the enduring spirit of romance. Guided by the creative vision of Gabriela Hearst, the collection features an array of long maxi dresses, intricately smocked lace creations, and a stunning selection of Penelope handbags, each adorned with distinct silhouettes.

The aesthetic effortlessly blends romance and ease, with stylist Camilla Nickerson opting for oversized sunglasses as the sole accessory, allowing the exquisite clothing to take center stage. The color palette, awash in soft creams and timeless blacks, exudes an air of enduring elegance.

Defying the traditional notion of dull winter attire, the collection showcases outerwear pieces like a shearling patchwork coat and a ruched puffer coat, making a bold statement. This Fall collection follows Chloé’s successful collaboration with Eres on a swimwear line and its captivating Spring 2023 campaign featuring Gigi Hadid. While there’s a clear thread connecting these chapters, each one stands independently, showcasing Chloé’s versatile design prowess.

To complete the narrative, hairstylist Tamara Mcnaughton and makeup artist Far Homidi weave their own story. Soft, cascading waves adorn the models’ hair, and the makeup is characterized by a natural, subtle elegance that enhances their natural beauty. Chloé’s Fall/Winter 2023 Campaign is a captivating journey into timeless style and artistic inspiration against the backdrop of Greece’s breathtaking landscapes.