Summer, here we come – Louboutin are launching three new neon nail varnishes. The Loubiflash line is available all summer to keep your nails popping day and night.

Capturing the exuberance of Christian Louboutin’s personality, neon shades have been a long-time favourite way for him to embellish his fashion collections. The limited edition Loubiflash Nail Collection invites women to reveal their audacious side by adding the perfect hint of playfulness to any outfit.

The collection was inspired by the Crazy Horse Paris act “Voodoo,” choreographed by Christian as part of a creative collaboration in the show FEU in 2012, where invisible hands marked by fluorescent paint leave prints on the dancers’ bodies.

The collection is made up of three individual miniature bottles of high-impact neon-like colours: Neoprene, a hot pink; Crosta Meteor, an electric orange; Dragonflash, a hot peacock. Available as limited editions from May 2018.