Body Fit is your body contouring ‘coach’ from Clarins. The much adored Body Lift Cellulite Control line has been renamed and reformulated as Clarins Body Fit…

The new name and new formula are said to be in line with Clarins’ healthy philosophy which includes a balanced lifestyle for achieving a fit body.

Body Fit is the 7th generation of the formula and capitalises on the strengths of its predecessors to go even further in terms of body contouring results thanks to an unprecedented discovery made by Clarins Research: it turns out that there are not one but three adipocytes involved in the expansion of adipose tissue and the formation of cellulite.

So now, high-performing plant extracts have been combined by Clarins to offer optimal contouring results and skin that looks visibly more beautiful. Quince leaf extract’s targeted action is reinforced by caffeine, a known slimming ingredient, along with seven other plant extracts: organic aquatic mint, celosia, baccharis, scabious, horse chestnut, sunflower phospholipids and hazelnut oil.

A new bottle even has some ‘sexy curves’ to symbolise the perfect silhouette – and the cream itself provides a new, highly sensuous texture that makes application pleasurable.

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